Did you know? Spring mattresses are in use for more than a century and 90 percent of the world sleeps on a bed made out of springs.

Despite being the oldest, spring mattresses are the most-purchased ones, why?

The benefits of spring mattress range from having sturdy coils to conform to the shape of your body to keep the body cooler.

However, the newest options like the memory foam mattresses, gel mattresses, and many others with interesting features cropped up recently.

So, it is always advisable to gain proper knowledge of every mattress type to keep yourself from falling prey to the salesman’s words.

Beware! The salesman always lures you to buy the costliest mattress ever!

In this article, you will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of spring mattresses and the health benefits around it.

What is a Spring Mattress?

Basically, it is the traditional mattress type which is made of many metal coils and also engulfed with layers of other materials to provide comfort and support.

4 types of coils are generally used including the continuous Bonnel, offset, and the pocket type that provides varying levels of comfort to your body.

Spring mattress health benefits include a lot of sleep support particularly for those with back ailments and also for those who are overweight.

However, the best quality spring mattress can provide comfort for anybody.

Innerspring mattresses, the oldest form of spring mattresses are still very popular as they offer a lot of bounce, temperature control and come at varied prices.

One major advantage of the spring mattress is its ability to support the body by giving back a similar amount of pressure that the body applies.

Bonnell coils used in the spring mattresses are laced together to give uniformity while the pocketed coils are individually placed inside the material to give the ‘hugging-like’ feel to the body.

These coils are placed in a foam layer to enhance the comfort level.

An insulator is placed in the spring mattress to keep the core in place and it is usually made of fiber or mesh.

Spring mattresses do not just use a single foam. Some of them come with latex foam and even the gel foam.

Different Types of Spring Mattress

Before we determine the pros and cons of a spring mattress, you need to know the details of springs being used in the mattress so that it makes it easy for you to pick the right kind of spring mattress.

Now that you know what basically is a spring mattress, it is time for you to know in detail about the 4 types of springs used in this type of mattress.

The four coils determine the benefits of a spring mattress and also help you know the side effects of a spring mattress.

1. Bonnell Spring

This is the most popular and widely used spring type and they have been in use ever since the launch of the first spring mattress.

Bonnell spring mattresses are mostly popular for their efficacy, reliability and affordability.

A Bonnell spring is in the shape of an hourglass and is the nexus of Bonnell springs are formed by connecting with metal wires before placing inside the mattress.

Bonnell springs are affordable because of the old technology being deployed in manufacturing.

Bonnell springs are placed equidistant to each other to provide the utmost comfort to the body.

According to the level of support you need, you can even customize your Bonnel spring mattress by choosing 3,5 or 7 zones in the Bonnel spring.

2. Pocket Spring

While the Bonnell spring is the oldest, the pocket spring is the modern and mostly-used type of spring inside the mattress.

When the pocket springs are deployed inside a mattress, a wire is not necessary to connect these.

Each pocket spring is independently inserted in its own pocket to provide comfort.

As many as 300 to 1000 pocket springs are generally inserted inside a mattress and this is the reason why the motion transfer becomes easier.

Pocket springs don’t pop out of the mattress when the load is increased on your bed.

3. Coil Spring

Innerspring mattresses as you might have heard have the coil springs inside them.

These coil springs use the metal coils to connect with each other to create better support and resistance.

The material used in the coil springs is durable and the coils are designed in a way to provide better sleep to the users.

Coil springs are comparatively harder which is why the manufacturers use a layer of foam in the downward and surface area of the coil spring mattresses.

4. Double Spring

If you ask for the contemporary type of spring mattresses we would definitely say the double spring mattresses.

If you love that bounce effect for your bed, you must definitely go for a doubler spring mattress.

Double springs are inserted inside the mattress with a combination of upper and lower springs.

The double springs have more capacity to handle more weight than the rest of the spring types.

With the double spring mattress, your sleep will be uncompromised and with the bouncing effect, it helps you to get out of the bed easily.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spring Mattress

There is no mattress that is developed to date to suit everyone. Each of them has its own side effects.

The same goes for a spring mattress. Take a look at the pros and cons of the spring mattress to decide if it suits you or not.

Advantages of Spring Mattress

1. Affordable Price

Cost plays an important factor while buying the spring mattress as the rates vary drastically for different types of mattresses.

The traditional type of spring mattress known as the innerspring mattress is the most affordable one as the rates have fallen due to an increase in demand.

If you are someone who desperately needs a mattress but not ready to invest much, you can definitely go for the spring mattress and you will be surprised with the spring mattress health benefits.

2. Reliability

Spring mattresses have been in the market for so long. If you are someone who goes by the reviews and frequently-used items, spring mattresses will be your best friends.

Any new technology being introduced in the spring mattress will be widely accepted as the mattress type is already familiar.

As a mattress is not something you want to experiment, spring mattress is the most trustable, reliable, and durable mattress type which you can blindly go by.

3. Longlasting

Thanks to the manufacturers, the spring mattresses mostly focus on providing comfort to the users with the types of springs being used.

Due to its proper construction and right placing of the springs and foam, any type of spring mattress once purchased will be durable if used properly with care.

4. Better Circulation

One thing that is fascinating about spring mattress is the fact that there’s much-needed space between the springs to allow easy ventilation.

This factor helps to balance the body heat and promotes sound sleep.

Disadvantages of Spring Mattress

Now that we have talked about all the good things about the spring mattress, we will say a few words on the side effects of sleeping on spring mattress.

It is essential for you to know the side effects and cons of this type of mattress so that you get to know if it suits for every body type or not.

1. Can Wear Out Fast

As and when we have gone through the customer reviews regarding the spring mattresses we have found that this type of mattress tends to wear out faster as the springs lose support and the padding faces compression when more weight than the ideal is pushed onto it.

So, if you are one of those who do not like to change the mattress in a lifetime, you can opt for other types as this mattress may not last more than 10 years.

While this is an ideal time period, it totally depends on how you use the mattress.

2. Heavier

Given the nature of the spring set up, the spring mattresses are usually heavy and difficult to move around.

So, cleaning the mattress by taking out can be difficult.

4. Can attract dust mites

The foam inside the mattress and its underlying layers are made of wool and fiber which provides an environment for the dust mites to grow.

Hence, cleaning the spring mattress is very important once in a while.

Best Spring Mattress brands in India

To avail of the benefits of spring mattress, you must also concentrate on the best manufacturer of this type of mattress.

Not all the manufacturers are trustworthy, so pay heed to the brands we suggest in this article.

1. Kurl-on spring mattress

Kurl-on uses high tensile Bonnell springs with helical wire technology to ensure more bounce and comfort.

The high-density cotton layers on the top make the mattress firm and give support. A layer of PU foam ensures that the springs don’t age which also prevents sagging.

It has anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite feature to ensure hygiene.

2. SpringTek pocket spring mattress

It is a high-density foam mattress that almost feels like you are sleeping on a foam mattress.

It has pocket springs to offer more bounce and comes with 4-layer foam to offer durability.

The springTek mattress is especially good for your shoulder and neck and can even reduce the pain in these areas.

The firmness of this mattress makes it the best buy for older individuals. The fabric used in this mattress makes it quite breathable as well.

3. Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress

Comforto is a brand by Coir Comfort Industries in India. It was established in 1968 and has been providing high-quality mattresses since then.

The outstanding quality of the pocket springs makes this brand stand out from the rest.

The mattresses are made of a higher number of pocket springs than the usual to provide extra comfort.


A good night’s sleep does not just require a stress-free mind and the required room temperature.

It also needs a perfect mattress so you can plunge into a sound sleep for a refreshing morning.

If you are heading to purchase a mattress for yourself, make sure you heed to all the points we have mentioned and decide if a spring mattress is a right choice for you or not.

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