Every person’s desire is to have precious moments for their life with photos and videos. Those can be made with our incredible DSLR Cameras which has been evolved a lot for past years. How many Cameras’ may come, the desire and obsession for our DSLR can’t be replaced? Right?

But for most of us buying a DSLR is still a dream, which we all are sad most of the times!!

Being sad is an old say, Buy your Favourite Camera with your budget is a new say!

Home Gamut has come up with a combination of excellent resolution, high quality, great performance, immersive image view processor, reliability, ease to handle, and many more features that you can’t even imagine in DSLR under 50K.

Apart from Budget variants, we also brought up with loads and loads of features which every user love and get benefited!

Before anything about Discussion for DSLRs under 50k in India, we shall mainly focus on 3 activities before buying any camera under price considerations.

Important Aspects To Be Taken Before Buying DSLR Camera:

DSLRs are most anticipating and no longer reserved for enthusiasts. It is now, been a weapon of exploring the world of Photography. So, fortunately starting the DSLR at 50,000 is we have hundreds of brands one can’t be the most prioritized one among these different brands. Let’s take a look at those Best DSLRs with great features and budget-friendly.

Best DSLR Camera under 50,000 in India 2020:

#1. Canon EOS M50 DSLR Camera:

Canon EOS M50

Resolution 24.1 MP
Video Resolution 4K
Processor DIGIC 8
Weight 351 grams
Sensitivity (ISO) 100-25600
Continuous shooting 7.4 fps
Battery 235 shots
Warranty 2 years
Image Stabilization Yes
Shutter Speed 30 sec
Connectivity Wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth

This Canon EOS M50 is mainly recognized by its compact interchangeable lens camera. If you’re any kind of aspiring photographer, then it is for you!! A very convenient and enhanced quality of photos and videos are yours with this DSLR camera.

It comes up with high resolution 4K UHD 24p video, where it helps you capture very much easier to make your memories incredible with most cinematic moments. Most of the users have admired the usage and accessibility of camera and control settings.

This Canon digital mirror less camera under 50k is equipped with 24.1MP Photo resolution and 4K video resolution. This comes with full manual control and frame rates. It is mostly used for cinematographers for capturing better video quality work.

Along with these, it comes with DIGIC 8 processor which is of 143 autofocus points. This high range image processor comes with high speed and accurate autofocus which will give better busty photo moments.

Canon DSLR comes with ISO sensitivity which will range in 100-25600. It may be a critical to capture in low light conditions. It has a built in APS-C CMOS sensor which is comes with 24.1MP which gives you high resolution large pixels prints and gives great support for cropping. You can get a great brain storming appealing images with this sensor.

Moreover, it has built-in Canon EF-M mount which is very compatible with all kinds of lens. Alongside it also had an in-built Electronic view finder and touch screen LCD which provide a better user experience. This Canon DSLR has fast Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus system which will makes a great focus on your target, this helps you don’t miss any minute moments also.

Based on the compatible lens it can reach up to 143AF points which is a great feature for auto focusing. It comes with in-built Wifi and supports canon camera connect app5 which helps you share images in very ease manner.


Bright LCD with touch screen
Allows remote controlling of multiple settings
Great Battery life
Excellent Colour radiation


Don’t have buttons for customization
Can improve auto focus


#2. Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L DSLR Camera:

Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L

Resolution 24.3 MP
Video Resolution 4K
Processor Bionz X
Weight 344 grams
Sensitivity (ISO) 100-25600
Continuous shooting 11 fps
Battery 360 shots
Warranty 2 years
Image Stabilization Yes
Shutter speed 1/160 sec
Connectivity Wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth

Sony a compact and powerful makes your every shoot extraordinary with your beautiful memory captures. It makes the user confined with all the usage of its extravagant features.

The Presence of a screen, the rechargeable battery makes you feel flawless; alongside it also has customization which makes you upgrade skills with its features. It gives a long image sensor and bright lens which is an apt specialty of Sony.

The Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L DSLR Camera comes up with a 24.3 MP Exmoor APS HD CMOS sensor with a high video resolution of UHD 4K. It is also supported with ISO sensitivity of range 100-25600

In its configuration, with image processor of BIONZ X engine gives you a smart processing which we can guarantee you a best low-noise, sharp shoots without any flash itself. Whenever, if your subject is making a fast move it continuously captures without fail of speed up to 11fps which also gives you an AF tracking performance which makes you capture every minute moments.

The Eye AF with better eye protection comes with a handy while shooting the images. Even while capturing an image which is shallow depth from the vision, it can capture sharp and focused portraits.

The implemented OLED Tru-Finder EVF comes with an advanced optical vision which has four double spherical lenses. With all these features under for DSLR fewer than 50,000 will make you give a clear frame and coverage with a perfect viewing angle approx. 33°.

This DLSR Sony Camera within the range of 50k comes with Wifi and NFC Connectivity which helps you easily transfer your data with ease. Very simple and easy to carry without any complex equipment, we can share your images, videos to all the devices like smart phones, tablets, etc… It also comes with power bank and MDR-XB550AP headphones which gives you great experience while using it.


Fast Sharing
Supports sharp focus with 4D focus
Electronic viewfinder
Eye autofocus
Image Quality


Not so durable
Poor Battery life


#3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85 DSLR Camera:

Resolution 16.84 MP
Video Resolution 4K
Processor CMOS sensor
Weight 453 grams
Sensitivity (ISO) 100-25600
Continuous shooting 6 fps
Battery 320 shots
Warranty 2 years
Image Stabilization Yes
Shutter speed NA
Connectivity Wifi

If you’re a Wild shoot photographer working all the way in the different climatic conditions, then it is for you!! Panasonic DSLR camera which helps you gives a durability and complete capability. It is light weight body which makes you easy to carry for continuous shootings. Panasonic DSLR Camera will give you flawless work experience and compatible while sharing the data which also allows a wireless image sharing.

Let’s have a look at some most priority configurations, i.e,

Photo and Video resolution which is supported up to 16.84 MP and 4K respectively. This camera comes with CMOS sensor and ISO ranges from 100-25600. These two features help the camera pick great outputs even on variant lightings.

The CMOS sensor comes with 16MP live micro four third types. This helps you capture sharp and dynamic range of photos and also allows no low pass filter.

Panasonic DSLR supports the fast shooting speed of 10fps for single short focus. And for continuous auto focus, it gives a speed of 6fps. Furthermore, it comes up to 40fps speed while using electronic shutter function. This camera is operated with 4K HD Photo modes when you’re using 8MP with a speed of 30fps.

It helps most of the cinematographers capture great photos even on dim light situations also! The special feature 5-axis sensor shift image gives you less camera shake. Also allows the better image stabilization for selective pairs of lens with Dual I.S.

This camera comes with Lumix DMC-G85 which supports 2.36m dot electronic view finder and a 3-inch 1.04m-dot touch screen LCD sensors. Alongside it comes with free angle design which allows you to capture different angles very easily. It has in-built Wifi and remotely functionalities for all the camera operations.


Customized Buttons
Most responsive
Sharp image with great quality
Great ISO Sensitivity
Excellent cycle times


Some features are bit hard to understand
No NFC with less sensitive shutter


#4. Nikon D5600 AF-P DSLR Camera:

Nikon D5600 AF-P

Resolution 24.1 MP
Video Resolution 4K
Processor EXPEED 4
Weight 465 grams
Sensitivity (ISO) 100-25600
Continuous shooting 5 fps
Battery 970 shots
Warranty 2 years
Image Stabilization Yes
Shutter speed 1/4000 seconds
Connectivity Wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth

Nikon D5600 Camera is meant for its high standard powerful battery life. This gives you plenty of time for capturing your live moments with a single charge. It also comes with an LCD touch interface and wireless connectivity options for file sharing. And while coming to the resolutions, it comes with 24.2MP photo resolution and 4K video resolutions. The built-in autofocus ranges up to 39 points which will give you an excellent burst for all the photos.

The ISO sensitivity is ranging from 100-25600 which is a great feature allows all the capturing moments to fit without a grain.

Nikon Camera in built have an APS-CCMOS sensor which gives you a 24.2MP high resolution prints. This feature helps you best capturing and cropping of images within the camera. It also allows Nikon F mount.

While coming to the Canon DSLR auto mode, it makes you get a wonderful output in any kind of lighting conditions. If you’re looking for any kind of advanced photography skills then it is the best camera with your budget of 50K. Just go to the Guide Mode and get all the great instructions for your use.

It has in-built free memory card of 16GB capacity and owns some connectivity features like Bluetooth, NFC and Wifi. These helps you get better file sharing experience.

This DSLR camera has a great menu interface where it is easy to use. You can just scroll and make an innovative frame as per your wish. The photographers can explore different innovative styles with touch screen LCD monitor. It comes with auto rotate mode up to 180 degrees.

On an overall, it is gives an feel good experience with more comfortable to use. The complete use will gives you great responsive and convenient for handling and carrying the camera.


Great Design & Compatibility
Easy to handle
Comes with Free Cloud storage
Reliable & great integration


Medium autofocus
Bluetooth issues


#5. Canon EOS M200 DSLR Camera:

Canon EOS M200

Resolution 24.1 MP
Video Resolution 4K
Processor DIGIC 8
Weight 299 grams
Sensitivity (ISO) 100-25600
Continuous shooting 10 fps
Battery 315 shots
Warranty 2 years
Image Stabilization Yes
Shutter speed 30 sec
Connectivity WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth

If you’re looking for live high quality recorded videos, then it is with when you have Canon EOS M200. It gives an HD 4K shoot videos with excellent frame work. Also allows you to shoot slow motion HD videos with more glance and excellence.

It comes up with mirror less camera which gives you a professional touch even in the low dim lights and also with moving subjects.

The Canon mirror less camera is coming with an APS-C CMOS sensor which is 24.1 MP. This is perfect for all the larger prints and high facilitates image cropping. Resolution for the video is coming up with 4K support and in-built DIGIC 8 Processor with high performing capability. Alongside it has the sensitivity range of 100-25600 which helps the camera to capture more grain free pictures also in dim lighting setup.

The 4K Mirror less camera comes with maximum framing of 25fps. Furthermore, HD shots can be a maximum of 120fps even in the slow motion. And it also has Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology which helps you shot high professional videos even on moving subject too!

The Eye Detection AF makes you pick the great focus frames and subject things. Canon Mirror less Camera is giving a Best touch screen LCD with auto rotate by 180 degrees. Now, you can get a best selfie prone and group photos perfectly with Self portrait mode.

Canon Mirror less camera has an inbuilt Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, which is an easy method to transfer all your data via compatible devices.


Better Photography skills
Excellent video shooting precision
Great webcam functionality
Excellent face detection focusing


Not so durable
Less Battery life


#6. Sony Alpha A68K DSLR Camera:

Resolution 24.2 MP
Video Resolution 4K
Processor Bionz X
Weight 610 grams
Sensitivity (ISO) 100-25600
Continuous shooting 8 fps
Battery 580 shots
Warranty 2 years
Image Stabilization Yes
Shutter speed 1/160 sec
Connectivity USB

The Sony Alpha A68K is made for its high performing and tracking things of moving objects. It came up with the continuous autofocus for continuous shoots. Alongside this, it also has image stabilization which gives you a unique frame of asserting for the device. It has a bright display panel that gives you the exact outbreak of input, output, and different settings.

Sony Alpha A 68 K, is equipped with an 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor which gives an high dimensional video outbreak of 4K. Alongside it has inbuilt BIONZ X image processing engined which makes you fast processing.

With this processing speed with makes 3 times earlier output while capturing the glance images. This also gives you the high processing capturing feature with great textures and even minute details in the photo.

This great Exmor CMOS sensor with 24.2 MP improves sensitivity and less noise which makes you feel good appearance in the videos with chip lens design. It also makes you the wide gaps in between the micro lenses.

Sony DSLR comes with 79 autofocus which supports 4D focus high density AF system. It also has an advanced feature called phase detection AF, which comes with system comprise of 15cross points. This gives you the great framing options which can make you fit.

It comes with ISO auto sensitivity which ranges from 100-25600. This is also allowing the easy capturing of photos without any grain. Alongside it has great auto focus facilities which make you continuously shoot at 8fps speed with Mirror technology. Which even capable of giving you HD shooting features.

This Best attribute in DSLR camera within our budget range of 50k will make you get a pro kind of results. That, it allows the image stabilization for all kind of lens and also have 2.7 inch LCD screen. It can allow you get the vertical degree of 55 downwards.


Great Functioning Buttons
Supports 4D focus for sharp images
Accurate and smooth focus
Great Battery life


Not great image stability
No touch input


#7. Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera:

Resolution 24.1 MP
Video Resolution 4K
Processor EXPEED 4
Weight 465 grams
Sensitivity (ISO) 100-25600
Continuous shooting 5 fps
Battery 970 shots
Warranty 2 years
Image Stabilization Yes
Shutter speed 1/4000 seconds
Connectivity WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth

This Nikon DSLR camera comes with a combo of quality of the photo, creative control, and great connectivity. Merge of capabilities is our Nikon D5300 Camera.

To all the travel freaks it would be a great option that it comes with less weight and high features DX-format. It might have some cutting-edge features it allows you to get an enhanced look of the photo which would be next level.

Digital SLR camera which is under 50k, may have less features. But, when it comes to Nikon their is no doubt with the features. It comes with high video resolutions in 4K and photo resolution in 24.1MP. Even with the fully manual supports of video recording it gives you the HD note of control, also in framings too!

The EXPEED 4, the fast image processor is now available on Nikon. Furthermore, feature meets are broad sensitivity of ISO ranges from 100-12800 with great noise outcomes. Alongside it gives you the highest limit of 25600 for premise shootings even in low light.

It comes with impressive image detailing of D5300 which helps you, especially in low lighting functions. The most attractive features are captured only in Nikon DSLR only with Nikon’s D- Lighting Function gives you the natural colours and background lights.

And the more great features are merged in the Nikon like, APS-C CMOS sensor with 24.2 MP which gives you rich images and accurate colour reproductions. The largest burst limit speed comes with a range of 5 frames per second.

Particular this feature gives you the highest range of capturing images with more ease and simplicity. It is moulded with a Nikon F mount and has connectivity types with Bluetooth, Wifi and NFC. These make you can remotely transfer your data without any cables. It also allows GPS save for your image storage.

Nikon comes with variant angles and rotation things of LCD makes you get confirmed great images within your limited space only. It allows the temperature make of 0-40C.


Easy to Handle
Great capturing feature in Dim lights
Virtual no shutter lag on prefocus
Easy to access
Fast start-up and shot-to-shot speeds


No Headset jack for videos recording
Inconsistent flash modes


#8. Canon EOS 200D DSLR Camera:

Resolution 24.2 MP
Video Resolution 4K
Processor DIGIC 8
Weight 449 grams
Sensitivity (ISO) 100-25600
Continuous shooting 5 fps
Battery 1070 shots
Warranty 2 years
Image Stabilization Yes
Shutter speed 1/4000 seconds
Connectivity WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth

If your an light weight person who want an camera which can easily mould in your back pack? Then, this would be a best suit for you with your range of budget with great image processor, fast speed and most flexible connectivity with much more plenty options in just 50,000.

It also makes you get a bright LCD screen with touch sensors which make user great experience.

Canon DSLR camera is moulded with 4K resolution and APS-C CMOS sensor of 24.2 MP which makes a suitable high resolution for all the time image makings. It even gives you large prints of image in pixels with cropping options. Allows you find the perfect manual control of video resolution with great focus.

This camera has a great incorporated DIGIC 8 image processor which makes you allow advanced image makings. This processor allows with 9 autofocus points which make a boast high speed and accuracy tact’s autofocus. These all meets you get an optical viewfinder shooting experience.

The ISO sensitivity has been ranging from the 100-25600 which makes you get grain free capturing moments even in low light conditions. And also allows the auto focus with crop images while shooting with great quality. And the mount which is supported is EF and EF-S lenses.

The touch LCD screen has 3 inches wide which would give the different précising settings. For a massive grip hold it is supported with stand hold on the camera. The Guide menu gives you more info about them clearly.

For the first time EOS DLSR camera gives you the creative assist and much more fetching skin features. These give you the effortless capturing of selfies.

And while coming to the connectivity it has been supporting with Wifi and Bluetooth which is much easier to transfer the data. With Low energy Bluetooth connection we can directly share to the social media. It also allows the image sharing portable devices your shooting to transfer data.


Light weight for comfortable travelling
Great image processing and video processing
Flexible functions to use
Great LCD touch screen
Solid wireless NFC


Some function attributes are missing
Small optical view finder


Best DSLR Camera under 50K in India – Buying Guide

While buying any device you have to evaluate things are important. If you first evaluate the process of buying will be much easier. The same goes for DSLR cameras. To make your buying activity simple, look at some of the things which get a clear idea of what to buy when you’re confined with the budget like the 50K mark.

1. Image Quality

Whatever may be the DSLR camera, within your budget or not!! You have to make sure know the quality of image matters a lot. It is always an stupid idea if you confine to an average quality because these give you poor outputs in adverse situations.

So, while buying a DSLR camera make sure pick the one which has a great guarantee a high-resolution image and videos irrespective of the lightings. And ensure have a maximum range of sensitivity and megapixels. In the top-notch DSLR’s under 50k make sure it must have 24.1MP or 24.2MP or 24.3MP.

2. ISO and Shutter Speed:

As mentioned above the measure of sensitivity for DSLR camera must have an sensor to prevailed lightings. If the light is low or dim, ISO should have a capability to maintain that light setting either high and vice versa. We homegamut has discussed all the cameras which are ranging from 100-6400 and 100-25600.

In general, shutter speed is measured to make an long lasting light focus and determines its time with camera sensors. If this shutter speed comes up with high, it allows us to maintain capturing of moving objects in photos and videos. It also allows the blurred objects across the boundaries.

Make sure know that, shutter speed gets in fraction of seconds and as mentioned above less than 30seconds. So, buy such an wonderful DSLR camera with in your range with low shutter speed of 4 seconds.

3. HDR and Auto Focus:

The only benefit of picking the DSLR is for it HDR feature which makes you find every moment or scene click every natural and extravagant at different exposures too!

Alongside of autofocus, is also a prominent feature which we have to look at in the finest portions of every image. After that aspect completes, it makes to complete the portions which to eliminate and which is not to eliminate.

The functionality which allows the HDR captures great shots at a time on different slots and exposures. On the other hand, best portion comes with every photo is the optimum range of auto focusing. It also allows the manual focusing and obtains perfect shot every time.

4. Customizable Featured Options:

When you are looking for a Professional DSLR camera either for your hobby or profession make sure it gets all the customized options in-depth to the field. Even if you change the lens also, it must support its significant features in mind.

A single lens gives you the wonderful makeover of giving the perfect pictures which will allow the various distances and angles also. It should mould with every kind of your lens even if it customized with inclusion mounts, tripods, etc.

5. Image Processor:

The Image processor is the brain in any camera especially in DSLR. While in its manufacturing itself, it is created for utilization in image perfection. Camera processors are used for unique artistic effects of a picture. If you take Nikon it supports Expeed Image processor and while in Canon it gives you DIGIC 4+ processor.

So, the prime processor is to pick the number of frames it allows to shoot for every single second. It gives you on an average of 5 and speed of 60fps for a better video shooting. Make sure, this should be must while picking a camera.

6. Aperture:

Aperture a deep in specialization of DSLR camera available on f-stop units. The small apertures enables great dim light photos and penetrate easily which makes a perfect capture of images on every condition. So, pick a great apertures which is like f/16 which is suitable for all the backlit shots.

7. Display:

The most important thing to know the input and output of a camera even in different price ranging for the DSLR Camera body. On the general case comes with price ranging of 3 inches and on other models it may have 3.2 inches. It will improve the accuracy of the image or video based on the particular camera. So, make sure have an great pick of great display quality at your range.

8. Battery Life:

Camera Batteries give you a comfortable feel which shooting for a hectic days. So, we should have picked the powerful digital cameras, flash or other tools. So, make sure you pick a great camera with more lifetime battery.

Most of the cameras might have great batteries but may damage or die in less period of time. So, make a better replacement of batteries for camera is to pick the lithium battery which gives a long lasting life time.

9. Sensor:

In most of the DLSR Cameras nowadays comes with two kinds of sensor sizes which is full-frame sensors and APS-C have their own base kind of advantage. The APS-C sized sensor is called as DX-format or cropped sensors.

While compared to all the Cameras, DSLR comes with great sensor size which allows this for beneficial image quality and video sensor. Most of the DSLRs provide four-third sensors with full frames. While the list we mentioned has this APS-C sized one lies in them.

10. Additional things to consider:

Along with all the camera features, you should also pick the camera which comes with good camera accessories that will help your DSLR camera work more effectively and easily. Find the best DSLR cameras with accessories like memory cards, camera bags, add-on lens, tripods, batteries, and external flashes.

Coming to the Bottom line,

As you have seen so far, the Indian camera market is a bunch of varieties and loads of happiness at your hands. The only thing you have to do is choose the efficient one!

What everything matters is? The needs which you are looking for and is really worth having this best DLSR camera under 50,000 in India is an important aspect. Is it ready to give a great image quality and reasonable video quality with the best compact body go for!

We hope our list will help you pick the right one which satisfying all your needs very effectively with clear view, as we mentioned the complete specification for each one.

However, if you think your still struggling to select the best one for you, we would love to give some best recommendations that Homegamut, personally liked.

While if your picking DSLR camera primarly for photography, you can go with Canon, which is an mirrorless one and can be flexible to carry. With the help of DIGIC 8 image processor and 24.1 MP APS- camera sensor, it gives you great captures instantly and will also give an fantastic colour science.

Moreover, if your looking the DSLR camera primarly for the video purposes, this mirrorless camera which is a great pick and quite easy to handle. The Best choice for your video purpose is, Canon EOS 200 Mirrorless Camera which will give you an great fairy look. It offers with UHD 4K 25 frames per second. And the main moto while picking the one is high resolution recording one, isn’t it? This camera comes with 120 fps which gives you continuos video recording with high quality.

Furthermore, if you need a camera that fills the joy with both photography and video both worlds. Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera which would be an right choice for all your needs as it is capable of capturing great quality images which is 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 image processing engine.

And in terms of recording, it offers high video resolution up to Full HD that most users want! Also we can adjust the framing manually and add new settings as well.

So, these might give you a sure shot solution for all your queries. We hope these helped you to pick the best one by yourself as well. Still, if you find any query, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment section below.

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