Geysers are a very hit or miss kind of a situation in Indian families. While some do believe in getting a good quality geyser for those chilly winter months, some believe it as a waste of money and electricity. But, getting the best geyser in India is an investment that you wouldn’t regret making. While the geysers a decade or so back had a huge storage tank and consumed a lot of electricity, that is not the case anymore. The available options nowadays are extremely well maintained, compact and power efficient if that is something you are on the lookout for. Here, we have sorted you out with the best water heaters in India for every kind of households and needs.
Best Gysers in india

Best Water Heaters/Geyser in India

India does have a moderate climate all throughout the year, the majority of the country experiencing hot, tropical summers. But, winters can be pretty cold in some parts of India. Nevertheless, geysers are a pretty important appliance that needs to be available in every Indian household.

We have sorted out some of the best based on the types and categories.

Best 25-litre Water Heater/Geyser

When talking about water geysers, the first category includes the ones with the maximum storage. The 25-litres option is amazing for larger joint families who need more water storage because of more family members.

They do require more space in the bathroom, so make sure that you have the space needed. Let us take a look at some of our best picks.

#1. Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-Litre Water Heater

When talking about the best 25-L variant, the Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-Litre Water Heater is hands down the best pick. This is also the best water heater for hard water. So, in case you stay in an area with municipal corporation water supply, this is the best deal.

The 25-litres storage tank ensures that you can keep a large amount of heated water stashed away. This saves a lot of effort, time and power. The inner tank of this geyser is lined with glass, making it a very durable option.

This also prevents the accumulation of limescale, which is pretty common in areas with hard water. It is also designed and fitted with a magnesium coated anode rod inside that helps prevent corrosion and water leakage.

The heating element of this geyser is made with Incoloy that assures longer durability and allows the machine to withstand higher water pressure. It also withstands the pressure pump installations effectively.

This geyser is also designed with a number of safety measures that help prevent overheating of the machine. Even the extension of the heater is made with fire retardant material to minimise the risks of accidents.

Unlike several of the other water heaters, this one sports a 4-star rating, which means that it does save a lot of energy. The tank is also designed with PUF insulation to keep the heat intact for a longer duration.

#2. American Micronic AMI WHM3 25-Litre Water Heater

The American Micronic AMI WHM3 25-Litre Water Heater is an imported water heater available in India with all the latest features you’d probably need. Even though this does come manufactured in the USA, you can blindly rely on it.

It supports 2 years of warranty, which again is pretty amazing. The design of this horizontal heater is quite charming but does occupy a lot of space in the bathroom. It has been designed with all the necessary safety measures for enhanced durability.

Much like the standard safety issues, it protects the machine against overheating and comes with 5 stars BEE rating that ensures better power efficiency. Unlike the prior one, this one comes with a titanium coated glass in the inner tank. This ensures better protection against corrosion.

The inner tank is also designed with PUF insulation that further ensures better protection that keeps the stored water hot for a longer time and prevents energy consumption and retains more heat in the long term.

Even this one is designed with the magnesium coated anode rod that prevents further risks of leakages. The cable is fire retardant, ensuring that it keeps the risks of accidents in check and prevents children from getting into the same.

#3. Usha Misty 25 Litre Water Heater

Everyone wants to invest on options that are durable and from reliable brands. The Usha Misty 25 Litre Water Heater is one such option. Not only is it efficient, it is also designed with all the safety measures in check. The heater is also designed with special safety features that ensure maximum safety and prevents the risks of overheating that many tend to complain about. It also works with better pressure control and even prevents the risks of electrical leakages. Unlike the other variants, the inner tank of this geyser is made from stainless steel and is coated with sapphire powder and glass lining for better protection. The anode rod inside is made of magnesium, which again ensures better protection and prevents the risks of corrosion. The inner tank is also lined with polyurethane foam lining that further protects the inner tank and ensures to retain the heat to save power. The heating element is made from Incoloy 800 that ensures faster water heating in no time at all. The inner tank of the geyser is also designed with a single weld lining that prevents unwanted leakages. It can also withstand high water pressure and comes with the whirl flow technology that enhances the overall efficiency of the geyser for optimal results.

Best 15-litre Water Heater/Geyser

Now that we have sorted you out with some of the best 25-litre variants, the next thing to focus on are the 15-litre options. They are pretty good for small to medium families and work effortlessly without any hassle.

We have sorted out some of the best options around. Let us take a look, shall we?

#4. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Storage Water Heater

Coming round to the 15-litre variants, the AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Storage Water Heater is hands down the best. This US company has been around for quite some time now and brings some of the best available options around. This superior quality geyser also comes with the amazing build quality and a 5-star power efficiency rating for superior user experience. This is also programmed officially for Indian households, mainly because they work well with hard water. It is also designed with the Blue Diamond Glass technology that enhances the inner tank durability and prevents unnecessary corrosion. Unlike the other variants, the anode rod is designed with stainless steel that further extends the shelf life of this. The heating element is designed with a coated heating element that prevents the risks of limescale buildup. This works predominantly well with the areas that come with hard water supply. It also comes with temperature control on the front panel. In case, the heater does exceed the heating temperature, it is also programmed with the auto thermal cut-out that prevents the risks effectively. It is also designed with a safety valve that helps keep the water pressure in check as well.

#5. V-Guard Victo 15 Litre Water Heater

While V-Guard is known for their amazing electrical appliances and electrical equipment, the V-Guard Victo 15 Litre Water Heater is hands down one of the best. This brings around one of the most high-performance water heaters in the market. It also comes with a four layered safety system with hi-tech thermostat. It also comes designed with the thermal cut off feature that comes programmed with the right temperature regulation. Even this one has the multifunctional safety valve that assures optimum pressure control. The inner tank of the water heater is also designed with high quality stainless steel with anti-corrosive material for better results. The thick gauge steel ensures enhanced better durability as well. The glass coating is also pretty amazing and long-lasting. Unlike the other options, it does come with the wall mounting ability for easier and space-saving design. It has a very high efficiency and low maintenance, so you wouldn’t have to spend your extra savings unknowingly.

#6. Havells Monza EC5S 15 Litre Water Heater

When it comes to talking about the best geyser reviews in India, the Havells Monza EC5S 15 Litre Water Heater is one of the best. This is one of your must-haves when it comes to getting a refreshing shower in the morning.

This one comes with a stunning mounting design with a stunning dual blend of colours that make it stand out in terms of the look and design. The standard look and colour of the water heater ensures to fit into the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Unlike any other, the water tubes inside this heater is programmed with the whirl-flow technology. This creates a buffer between the hot and the cold water, enabling faster heating of the water, thereby saving power.

The adjustable knob design allows you to set the water temperature as per your requirements. The temperature ranges between 25-75 degrees Celsius, which is more than enough of a reason why you need this in your life.

The stainless-steel Flexi pipe around the side is not just durable and rust-proof, it is also steel braided, which makes it a very long-lasting option. It can work under multiple water pressure as well and sustain up to 8bar pressure.

The overall 15-litres capacity is more or less enough for any middle-class family with 3-4 members. This ensures to store enough water on one go so you can use the same throughout the day without needing to switch on the geyser every once in a while.

The inner tank of the geyser is made from ultra-thick super cold rolled plates. It also has a Feroglass dry powder coating on the inside that further ensures better durability unlike anything else. The magnesium anode rod protects the tank from risks of rust as well.

#7. Bajaj New Shakti GL 15 Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater

Bajaj is an extremely trusted brand when it comes to the top-rated geyser in India. Amidst all the options, the Bajaj New Shakti GL 15 Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater is hands down the best in the market. The 15-litres storage allows this heater to have a compact and relevant design that you wouldn’t regret spending your coins on. The inner tank of the geyser is made with a glass-lined coating, which has amazing benefits in enhancing durability of the material. The outer body of the heater is made from plastic, which is not the best but does get the job done and is quite easy to clean as well. The water heater is insulated with PUF lining that helps keep your water hot for a longer time. This ensures that you don’t have to consistently switch on and switch off the geyser and can use it according to your needs for a longer period. This saves power as well. Lesser power consumption reduces the electricity costs too, which again is pretty rewarding. The geyser comes with 4-stars BEE rating, which is considerably good. The brand takes their safety needs very seriously, hence the geyser has been designed with the 4-in-1 multifunctional valve system and a fire-retardant cable to reduce the risks of accidents. The overall design of this geyser is pretty compact, contemporary and durable as well. In case you don’t want to compromise on the quality and aesthetics of your bathroom, this is hands down a very good fit.

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