With the scorching heat making you sweat uncontrollably, the first thing you want is to replenish those lost electrolytes. And, one of the best ways to do so is with some freshly pressed juice. Yes, you heard it right. The freshly pressed juice at home is what we suggest instead of the sugar-filled store-bought ones. But, which is the best cold press juicer in India?

With so many amazing brands available, picking one can be very confusing. Especially with the features that they come with.

Hence, we have sorted out the best picks, in the hope that it provides you with relief during these rough summer months.

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When talking about the best juicer in the market, you need to realise that the options are abundant. It is just a matter of what works best and what doesn’t. In case you are looking for the best juicer to buy in India, follow through the list we have sorted out for you.

#1. Usha Nutripress (362F) 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

If there is one brand that stands out with their kitchen appliances, its Usha. The Nutripress is a cold press slow juicer that extracts the maximum juice out of a fruit or veggie. It also prevents overheating, ensuring that the nutrients aren’t destroyed.

Not just your typical juices, the juicer can be used for nuts, seeds and even for making a cold smoothie bowl. Given how powerful the blades are, it can crush a whole fruit and extract all the juice from it without any hassle.

The juicer itself is very space-efficient. It comes with detachable parts that you can keep separate. Whenever you need to use it, you can assemble the parts and then use it accordingly. The auger of the juicer rotates at 65rpm.

The feeder tube is big enough to fit an entire fruit, so you don’t have to worry about chopping and cutting them into pieces. The cold press function also retains all the nutrients and enzymes in the juice.


Cold press juicer retains the nutrients and enzymes
The feeding tube is quite large
The auger is robust and durable


It takes some time to juice the fruits and veggies


#2. Kuvings Professional B1700 Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

Another juicer for fruits and vegetables that’s worth mentioning is the one from Kuvings. Not only does it come with a very sleek design, it comes in pretty handy for extracting the juice from the fruits and vegetables.
Since this is a cold press juicer, it extracts the maximum amount of juice gradually. It retains all the nutrients as well the vitamins and minerals in the juice. In case you like extracting almond milk, this juicer takes care of that as well.
The exterior of the juicer is made with BPA-free plastic that is durable and long-lasting. As for the design, the juicer has a sleek design as well. It has a neutral colour base too that blends in with the aesthetics of your kitchen.
The feeding chute of the juicer is also pretty large, allowing you to fit in the fruits whole. This reduces the preparation process. Additionally, the juicer also comes with a separate juice and pulp jars.
The juicer also has a safety lock system that allows better synchronizing of the drum and body. The deceleration motor in the juicer further prevents excessive noise as well. So, if you don’t want to wake up the entire house while extracting some juice in the morning, buy this.
It also comes with detachable parts, one that allows you to store them with ease and clean them without any hassle too. The cleaning kit comes with the juicer too. This makes cleaning the juicer a lot easier for you.
In case you are wondering about the warranty guarantee on the product, they provide with 10 years on the motor and 1 year on the product. The brand also offers better replacement policies in case you notice defects in the product within 10 days of delivery.


The body of the juicer is made with BPA-free plastic
It comes with separate juice and pulp jars
It has a sleek and easy to store design


It is expensive


#3. Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt

While the cold pressed juicers are considered the most popular option in the market, Prestige has something different for you. This specific variant is a centrifugal juicer that enables you to enjoy some freshly pressed juice in no time at all.
If budget is a constraint for you, we wouldn’t suggest you buy this. It is overpriced and will create a dent in your bank account. The juice is quite large, allowing you to juice a lot of fruits and veggies in a single round.
The one downside, apart from the price point, is likely the cleaning process. It is hectic and requires you to spend quite a bit of time. It has super sharp blades that cut through the fruit easily without any hindrance.
The rust-proof blades are long-lasting and stay the way they are. The exterior of the juicer is made with ABS plastic and a stainless-steel body. The combination of the both ensure durability and at the same time, prevent rusting.
The bottom of the juicer comes with anti-skid grip. This keeps the juicer in place and prevents the risks of spillage. The knobs and switched in the juicer have an ergonomic design, preventing strain on your arms.
Like the previous one, even this one comes with a safety lock. It also has a rotary switch, one that ensures easy and convenient usage. The juicer itself requires up to 240V and consumes around 550 watts, which is not the best but not the worst either.


It has a powerful motor
The body of the juicer is durable and rust-proof
It is easy to assemble and store


It is expensive


#4. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

If there is one best selling juicer mixer grinder in India, it is this one from Hestia. The brand is very underrated but the products are worth every penny you pay. Even this one is a cold pressed juicer that retains the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins.

The motor of the juicer is quite powerful, enabling faster juicing with maximum nutrient retention. The 240W induction motor works efficiently even with frozen fruits too. The body of the juicer is made with BPA and BPS free Tritan plastic.

The feeding tube of the juicer is 75mm wide, allowing you to put whole fruits in. The juicer also comes with a pusher that dispenses the juice and the pulp easily. The smart cap on top prevents risks of spillage, and extracts the last drop of juice with ease.

In case you don’t use juicers because of the cleaning afterwards, don’t worry at all. For cleaning this, all you need to do is pour some water in and run it for 30 seconds. The juicer becomes brand new and clean again without any issues.

The strainers in the juicer are made of stainless-steel. These are safe for consumption and at the same time, they keep everything clean and rust-proof. The auger is designed with large knobs for easier operation without issues.


It has a large feeding tube
The body is made with BPA free plastic
It has a user-friendly operation


The warranty period is not clear


#5. Sujata Powermatic plus 900 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder

When it comes to the best juicers in India, Sujata is a brand that stands out from the rest. Not only is the brand versatile, they are also known for their amazing range of powerful kitchen appliances in majority of the kitchen households.

This is a centrifugal juicer, which means that it doesn’t run on the same principle as the cold pressed ones. The powerful 900W motor has double ball bearings for smoother functioning and better efficiency.

The body of the juicer is shock-proof, ensuring complete safety when you use it. The motor also doesn’t require constant maintenance, which is a bonus. The running time of the juicer is 90 minutes, in which it doesn’t overheat or break down.

The motor rotates at 22000 rpm, for faster extraction of the juice, especially when you are on the go. The insides of the juicer have a honeycomb mesh that allows faster straining of the juice and pulp, especially important for the ones who hate pulp in their juices.

The blades of the juicer are made with stainless-steel, one that is rust-proof and durable. The mixer jar also overturns and mixes the juice to let you enjoy the freshly pressed juice without any issues. The only downside is the lack of transparency concerning the warranty of the product.


It has a shock-proof body
The blades are made with rust-proof stainless-steel
It has a powerful motor


It doesn’t have a fixed warranty declaration


#6. Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Liter Juicer

Not only known for their electrical appliances, Philips is a brand that is popular for their kitchen appliances too. This includes a range of innovate products and this juicer is one of them. With a 2-liter capacity, this allows you to juice multiple fruits at a time.
The sleek and compact design of the juicer provides with easy storage options. As for the motor, it is a 700W powerful motor for easier mixing and juicing. Unlike the cold press juicers, this one is a centrifugal juicer that extracts maximum juice in minimum time.
The feeding chute, like the previous one, is 75 mm wide. This allows you to feed more in at once. Both the lid and the containers of the juicer are transparent, allowing you to keep an eye out on the progress.
It also has a separate area to store the pulp, ensuring that you need not worry about the juice and pulp mixing. Once the juice is extracted, the pulp is collected in a separate container. The pre-clean function gets rid of any fruit fibers stuck inside.
For cleaning it, pour some water in and run it for a few seconds and it cleans any remnants inside. Given that it comes from a reputed brand, you do get 2-years warranty on the product. The overall product is a definite hit.


It has an auto-clean technology
The powerful motor squeezes last drop of juice
It is made with aluminum parts


It doesn’t have an ABS plastic body


#7. Havells Nutri Art Slow Juicer 200W

Not every single individual out there is going to buy a big juicer. If you stay alone and need a sleek and modern designed juicer, Havells has got your back. It is an expensive affair, no doubt, but it is a one-time investment for a healthier life ahead.
It can easily juice your fruits and vegetables but that is not where it stops. It can also extract the juice from frozen items and nuts, incase you are extracting some nut milk. The design is pretty compact and has a 200W motor that works slow to extract last bit of juice.
Not only is it an energy efficient juicer, it has a very riveting and durable design as well. The body of the juicer is made with ABS plastic, one that is durable and non-toxic too. The juicer has a bulky design, so you do need to either keep it out on display or find a separate space in the cabinets.
It comes with a pusher that allows you to push the fruits down for easier juicing. The auger is made with a robust and tough ceramic material. The warranty period on this product is 2 years, which is pretty much a good option.


It doesn’t produce noise when functioning
It is energy efficient because of the motor
It is made with the slow juicing innovation


It is a little overpriced


#8.Panasonic MJ-68M 220-Watt Centrifugal

Apart from the normal cold pressed juicers, the centrifugal ones are pretty popular too. One amidst them all that stands out is this one from Panasonic. It has a compact design and a built-in circuit breaker that makes this a worthy purchase.
The 250W powerful motor in this juicer rotates at a speed of 12500 rpm, allowing you to juice out a fruit or veggie in record time. The spinner inside is made with stainless steel, making it durable and rust-proof as well.
The thing about this juicer that makes it stand out is likely the functions and easy user interface. The on-off switch allows easy navigation without any hindrance at all. As for the capacity of this juicer, it can hold up to 600 ml, which is a pretty decent option.
That said, the juicer does come with a safety lock clamp and super sharp blades that extracts every last drop of juice. The exterior body of the juicer is made with a premium-quality CRCA material which is rust-proof and at the same time, extremely durable as well.
The safety lock feature keeps your children safe from switching it on accidentally. In case you stay in an area with extreme voltage fluctuations, this juicer takes care of that and the built-in circuit breaker prevents the juicer from any sorts of damage.


It works very fast and efficiently in extracting juices
It has an extremely powerful motor
It has a rust-proof body and blades


The steel mesh inside is not that durable


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