Best Single Door Refrigerators in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Single door refrigerators are handy and compact. Not only do they fit right into the available spaces, they are pretty less on the price point too. With the summer months belting down, you do need the best single door refrigerators in India.

But, with so many amazing brands available in India, which one do you choose? There are a number of features and functions that you need to look out for. From the design of the fridge to the overall price, there are a number of things to look out for.

Here, we are going to look into the best single door refrigerator reviews in India that you have been awaiting.


Best Single Door Refrigerator in India

From the best brands like Samsung and Godrej to some of the cheaper brands like Amazon Basics, we have lined up some of the best options around.

1.Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door RefrigeratorSrcWhen talking about good quality single door refrigerators in India, Godrej deserves the first spot. Not only does this look stunning, it is packed with some of the latest functions and features too. This is the best 5-star single door refrigerator in India.

The 190L capacity is pretty amazing and ensures smoother storage without any hassle at all. Not just a large shelf space, it also has a good freezer space available too. In comparison to the remaining options, this is pretty amazing.

If you have consistent complaints with rusting of the metal of the fridge door in the previous purchases, this is going to be an exception. It is backed by the 10 years rust free warranty. It is also one of the most power efficient options available in the market.

Since it is backed by the 5-star energy saving rating, you know for a fact that this won’t reflect on your electricity bills. The reason behind that is the highly functional inverter compressor that works effortlessly without consuming a lot of power.

The compression is equipped with the direct cooling feature too that enhances the cooling of the fridge to keep everything fresh for as long as you need it to be. The vegetable tray and the chiller tray are pretty spacious too.

The SIF technology in this refrigerator uses the power of silver to get rid of the unnecessary bacterial growth inside the fridge. This helps keep your food fresh and hygienic and your fruits and veggies clean and crisp.

The best thing about this refrigerator is the fact that is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t affect the ozone layer, that many have concerns about. The gasket has anti-microbial lining that prevents any form of microbial infestation inside.

The gasket of the fridge is removable, allowing you to clean it and then put it back on. It does have 5 years of warrant on the compressor, ensuring that you can get the same fixed in case it stops working.


  • Designed with SIF technology
  • Shelves are made with toughened glass
  • Has 5-stars rating


  • Installation takes time
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2.Samsung 192 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 192 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorSrcSamsung is that one brand that has become a staple in every Indian household. From the mobile phones to the kitchen appliances, they have it all. This 192L variant from Samsung has a single door design but looks pretty sleek.

Programmed with the digital inverter technology, this device is for everyone who wants a smoother user experience without a long power bill. It has the Digital Inverter Technology makes precise cooling adjustments that help keep your food fresh for a longer time.

The insides also have sensors to sense the temperature fluctuations to adjust the cooling temperature of the refrigerator accordingly. It also adjusts the compressor speed accordingly. Additionally, it also reduces unnecessary energy waste as well.

Reduced energy consumption and less noise is what defines the credibility of this device. If you want a single door refrigerator that lasts you for quite a while, this is hands down what you need in your life.

Each shelf in the fridge has toughened glass shelves which are sturdy, durable and scratch resistant as well. They also have the capacity to hold over 150 kg on them, which is astounding. The sleek island type handle of this fridge is again a winning point that you can’t do without.

It blends in well with your kitchen aesthetics without any hassle. The all grey color also has a pretty stunning appeal to it, which again is a reason why you need this in your kitchen. It also makes it convenient for you to open the fridge door without further complaints.

Even with the single door design, you don’t have to worry about a stabiliser, which is a reason enough why you need this. In case there are voltage fluctuations, the fridge works steadily to get rid of the same without any questions.

The back of the refrigerator has a smooth and clean surface. All you have to do is take a cloth and wipe it clean. It is just that simple of a task. In case you don’t like the staple and boring grey, it also comes in vibrant colour options.


  • Reduces unnecessary energy wastage
  • Stabiliser free design
  • Toughened glass shelves


  • After sales service is a bit slow
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3.Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 3-Star Refrigerator

Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 3-Star RefrigeratorSrcNot only known for their wide range of washing machines, Whirlpool is pretty popular for their refrigerator too. The 190L variant is hands down one of their most popular models in this range available right now.

Unlike the other ones, this doesn’t have the toughened glass shelves and have the traditional wired shelves. This maximises the storage area but reduces the load you can put on them. The pocket handle on the top of the door gives it a very sleek look.

If you don’t want a on the face design and want something subtle and modern, this is hands down one of the best options around. It has a jumbo bottle rack on the door of the fridge, allowing you to store up to 3 two-litre water bottles with ease.

It doesn’t support the automatic defrosting, which means that you’d have to do the same manually. This reduces hassle and ensures that everything is done at your own pace. The in-built stabiliser ensures to manage any form of voltage fluctuations that you have been struggling to keep in check.

The vegetable tray or box is pretty large, allowing you to store all your fruits and vegetables without any hassle at all. This keeps everything crisp and fresh without any hassle. It has a separate chiller that allows you to store the cans and milks for extra chilling.

The gasket is designed with anti-bacterial layer that keeps the risks of microbes and infestation in check. Not just that, the gasket itself is removable, which means that you can take it out, clean it and then put it right back in.

Even though this is a single door fridge, the freezer in this is pretty spacious and allows you to store your desired frozen delectable items to keep them fresh and in the mint condition. It has an advanced moisture slider that keeps the moisture away.

All in all, this does bring around a lot of space inside that allows you to keep everything stored. In case you have any hassle with the space management, this can take care of that issue for you without any complaints.


  • Has an anti-bacterial gasket which is removable
  • Spacious design
  • Stabiliser free design


  • Doesn’t have toughened glass shelves
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4.LG Single Door Refrigerator 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool

LG Single Door Refrigerator 190 L 4 Star Direct CoolSrcWhen talking about the best single door refrigerator to buy, LG has to have a place in the list. The 190L variant doesn’t have your staple monochrome look but has a pretty bright design. The overall exterior of the fridge is pretty cool with the floral design.

It is designed with some of the best features that you wouldn’t generally find in a single door fridge in the same price range. It has the smart inverter compressor that provides with unmatched performance unlike anything else around.

If you are worried about your power bill, you don’t have to. The fridge is backed by a 4-stars BEE rating that ensure maximum energy efficiency with the best features. The Smart Connect feature is also pretty amazing.

This feature allows you to connect your refrigerator with the inverter at home, in case your power goes out. This allows you to store foods in your fridge to keep everything fresh for longer, even with no electricity.

The refrigerator has a lattice type top cover in the vegetable box that keeps everything clean and fresh for a longer time without any complaints. It maintains the moisture level ensuring that your vegetables don’t rot easily.

It also makes ice the fastest in comparison to the other refrigerators. All it takes is 108 minutes and you have your ice cubes ready in no time. Even this one comes with toughened glass shelves that ensure better storage and can withstand more weight in comparison.

The exterior gasket in the door of the fridge has an antibacterial design that keeps everything clean and hygienic and prevents the risks of infestation. It doesn’t require any separate stabiliser and can tame voltage fluctuations on its own.


  • Energy efficient model
  • Makes ice in under 2 hours
  • Stabiliser free design
  • Toughened glass shelves


  • After sales service is a bit disappointing
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5.Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door RefrigeratorSrcAnother brand that is worth mentioning is Haier. The 195L variant is likely one of the best available options from Haier. Not only does it have a pretty dope design, it also has a very handy set of features in it.

The refrigerator has a pretty aesthetic design that you wouldn’t regret spending your coins on. The sleek and aesthetic design comes in some attractive colours that blends into the aesthetics and the design of the kitchen or the room you are keeping it in.

If you have a party an hour away with no ice cubes in the freezer, all you have to do is wait for an hour and the ice cubes will be done. This is because of the 1 Hour Icing technology. The vegetable box in the fridge is pretty spacious as well, ensuring better defrosting and moisture control.

The individual shelves in the fridge are made with toughened glass that stays on for long without any complaints whatsoever. This can hold and manage a lot of weight on it without any issues. This can’t be possible with the wired shelves.

With the 4-stars rating, you are assured of reduced power bills. If you don’t want wastage of energy, this is a good brand and model that you can rely on. It has a stabiliser free operation too and manages the fluctuation of voltage without any hassle at all.

The area around the fridge door is made with PUF insulation that keeps the insides cold without any hassle at all. This retains the low temperature inside the fridge irrespective of however hot it is outside in terms of weather.


  • Stabiliser free operation
  • Freezes ice cubes in less than an hour
  • Energy efficient


  • Installation is a hassle
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6.Koryo 225 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Koryo 225 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorSrcKoryo is one of the leading refrigerator brands in India. With such a wide range of available models, this 225L single door fridge is hands down one of the best. Not only in terms of design, it is also loaded with a wide range of amazing features and functions.

This specific one is designed with ice making technology, one that ensures faster ice making in no time at all. You just need an hour to freeze ice. So, if you have a party planned in no time at all, this is a good option.

The shelves of the refrigerator are made from toughened glass, ensuring better weight management. It can hold up to 125 kg of weight without any risks of breakage at all. The chiller tray in the fridge is also pretty spacious.

It keeps the food colder than the fresh food compartment but doesn’t end up freezing the food completely. If you have a non-perishable food that needs to be kept colder for long, this is a pretty good option to keep it in.

It has a separate large vegetable basket that allows you to store more vegetables for long. It is spacious that provides with enough space for the vegetables and keeps them fresh and crisp throughout the day.

It has a humidity control crisper that further prevents the vegetables from wilting and increases their shelf life too. The storage space in the door is pretty convenient too. It allows you to store the bottles and the condiments without any issues.

The longer handle on the fridge also comes in handy, especially for ease of opening and closing. It has an anti-slip grip that makes it easier for you to hold it with ease and prevents risks of damage while opening the fridge.


  • It is quite spacious
  • The veggie basket has humidity control
  • Has toughened glass shelves


  • Installation can be a hassle
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7.Samsung 212 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 212 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorSrcIf you want the best single door refrigerator to buy that looks and resembles like a double door fridge, this one from Samsung is likely the best option. Unlike the other variant, it has more capacity and packs in a lot of features and functions that you can’t do without.

It comes with the digital inverter technology, one that helps provide with long-lasting performance and doesn’t make noise while functioning. It also adjusts its speed according to one’s needs and the cooling demand of the fridge.

Like many other refrigerators now, even this one comes with the stabiliser free option. So, in case your house experiences fluctuations, it is likely that this refrigerator has got your back and won’t be damaged because of the same.

The solar panel generated energy between 100-300V is again a positive about this refrigerator. Aside from that, the appliance also runs on the home inverter, if you want the same. This comes in handy especially during load shedding.

The fridge does come with a large capacity Veggie box that keeps your produce fresh and crisp for a longer time. The bar chrome handle is also an added bonus, especially because of how durable it is and has a round-top for better support.

The shelves in it are made with toughened glass, allowing you to store more utensils and items without having to worry about the same breaking in two. It has also been tested to hold up to 175 kgs, which is pretty great.

The clear lamp inside allows you to locate the food easily without any hassle. The safe clean back of the fridge also allows efficient storage without issues. It is easy to clean as well, which again is a bonus you can’t do without.


  • It can run on solar energy and home inverter
  • It has toughened glass shelves
  • It has ample storage


  • It doesn’t have an efficient water dispenser
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8.Whirlpool 200 L 3 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator with Auto-Defrost Technology

Whirlpool 200 L 3 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator with Auto-Defrost TechnologySrcWe all want hi-tech appliances in our home and this amazing refrigerator from Whirpool is one of the best examples of just that. This is the best single door refrigerator in India under 15000 that suffices all your needs.

Unlike the other ones, this one comes with 3-star energy rating with 200L capacity for efficient storage without any hassle. It does come with the inverter technology with the inverter compressor for better energy efficiency unlike anything else.

The IntelliFrost technology is also a win in this regard. Not only does this cool intuitively, it also defrosts according to the cooling needs, ensuring better refrigeration for the food inside. The top control panel is digital, enabling easier usage.

The honey comb design of the veggie box keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for over 12 days without any complaints. The honey comb moisture lock-in technology keeps the produce crisp and fresh without any rotting.

The microblock technology of this refrigerator also prevents the risks of bacterial growth inside the fridge by 99%. Since it is part of the IceMagic range of refrigerators, it keeps the insides cool and keeps it locked in for long-lasting freshness.

The fridge is designed with its own in-built stabiliser that keeps the fridge protected, especially when you experience voltage fluctuations in your house quite often. The optimal preservation of moisture in the fridge also retains better vitamins in the produce.

The entire door of the fridge is lined with anti-bacterial gasket, one that protects the fridge and prevents the risks of fungi and bacteria from growing inside. It has an option for auto connection to the home inverter, in case you want that.


  • Comes with microblock technology
  • Has an in-built stabiliser
  • Has digital control panel


  • Installation takes time
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Single Door Refrigerator – Buying Guide

Now that we have sorted you out with some of the best available single door refrigerator in the market, the next thing we need to focus on is the buying guide.

What kind of factors do you need to look into?

If you are confused, don’t worry, we have got your back.


Unlike the double door refrigerators that come with a lot of capacity, the same is not the case with the single door options.

Majority of the single door options come between 150-300 litres capacity, which is pretty good of an option for smaller nuclear families or even for a family of 5-6.

In case you do stay alone, mini fridges are a pretty great option for you.

But it is extremely important that you do focus on your requirements first and then buy the refrigerator accordingly.

Energy Rating

Refrigerators normally don’t consume a whole lot of power and electricity. For calculating the energy efficiency of the single door refrigerator, you need to rely on the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The energy rating is normally from 1-5 stars.

Higher the energy efficiency, higher the power saving ability of the fridge.

Aside from that, the single door refrigerators also rely on some of the advanced technology including the inverter technology and the in-built stabilizer.

Refrigerator Size

Another factor that needs to be looked at is the size of the refrigerator. If you have limited space around your house, you need to keep an eye out on the dimensions of the fridge.

It is extremely important that you buy a refrigerator that will fit into the available space in your house.

The last thing you want is to buy a fridge that ends up not fitting in your house.

Aside from the actual size of the refrigerator, it is also important that you consider the accessory factors. One of the main out of it is the door opening space in front of the refrigerator.

Direct Cool technology

If you know of the latest types of technologies used in the refrigerators, you’d know that not many use the fans for cooling anymore.

Majority of the latest single door refrigerators are now programmed with the direct cool technology that not just cools the inside of the fridge but helps keep everything fresh for long.

The direct cool technology makes use of a natural convection mechanism for cooling. These fridges are not just energy efficient but also last longer than the traditional options. They are noise free too.

In case you are getting a refrigerator with the direct cool technology, there are a few factors that you need to keep an eye out on.


  • The cooling is faster and a lot more uniform because of the natural convection process
  • The technology makes the refrigerators energy efficient
  • They are very affordable
  • Some of them come paired with the auto-defrost technology


  • It often causes accumulation of the frost
  • It needs manual defrosting from time to time
  • The fridges with direct cool technology don’t come with a lot of capacity

In-Built Stabiliser

If you have lived in India for long, you’d know how common voltage fluctuations are. The last thing you want is to experience some kind of damage because of the same.

While people used to have separate stabilisers for regulating the voltage fluctuations for their refrigerator, things have changed now.

Majority of the refrigerators now come with the in-built stabiliser. This doesn’t require you to buy one separately, allowing you to use the fridge as per your convenience.

Shelves and Compartments

Refrigerators, single or double door, are bought to keep your food fresh for long. Thus, you want to buy a fridge that comes with a lot of shelves and compartments that do make your life easier.

While majority of the cheaper options come with wired shelves, there are a few options that come designed with the toughened glass shelves.

They come with a lot more holding capacity and don’t break easily. So, in case you are buying one, always make sure to opt for the toughened glass shelves instead of the wired ones.


This is an optional factor. But, if you tend to rely on your fridge to store number of foods for longer periods, you’d need a deodorizer inside the fridge.

This prevents the fridge from having a foul smell, ensuring that you can keep food without stinking up the entire place.

Anti-Microbial protection

Not every single door refrigerator comes with an antimicrobial protection. But, having this is an absolute bonus. Not only does it protect your food, it also prevents the risks of microbial and fungal infestation inside the fridge.

Always ensure that you do focus on getting on with this feature as it ensures better shelf life of the food and prevents the risks of any kind of microbial infestation inside the fridge because of the stored food.

Handling Power Cuts

Now, this might come off as a little confusing for some. But, with a refrigerator, you want the food to stay fresh and good for longer periods of time.

In case there are power cuts, the last thing you want is for the refrigerator to not support the food. Additionally, get the refrigerators that come with a minimum of 10 hours of standby cooling.

This ensures that even when you have a power cut for longer periods of time, the appliance would at least be cold enough to sustain the freshness in the food. This is very important to keep in mind, so while purchasing a refrigerator make sure you keep an eye out on this too.

Buying one of the best single door refrigerators in India can be a challenge, especially because of how many brands and variants are available in the market. Always make sure that you make a checklist of things according to the buying guide. This helps you sort out the priorities and make an informed decision as to which one you would want to buy. Lastly, try and look out for the best deals. Amazon offers some of the best ones but always tally the price point first and then proceed with the purchase. This eases your buying experience too.

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