Concerning growing risks of various diseases surrounding us, everyone wishes to bake tasty foods at home. A stand mixer aids you in preparing batters that you need to make some lip smacking soft fluffy cakes, and pastries.

The best stand mixer can help you do mixing while you are busy with the other chores. Efficient and evenly combined ingredients can cut down your preparation time. Choosing a stand mixer catering your baking needs can be a bet amid various models available in the home appliance industry. Read out to know the factors while choosing the best stand mixers in India.

Best Stand Mixer for Cakes and Baking:

A stand mixer can be the ever best option for baking needs and adds a stylish look to your kitchen. If you take to choose the smart and best mixer that you can afford it will last for the decades.

Here are a few top picks of best stand up mixers available in India:

1. Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos-1000w with 5L SS Bowl:

Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos-1000w with 5L SS BowlSrc

The Inalsa Stand mixer Kratos comes with the 100% copper 1000watts motor with the multifunctional capabilities to serve all your baking needs. It contains a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 5 liters. With its compatible size, it fits in any corner of the kitchen.

This is one of the best mixing equipment available in India that can be used to make the treats such as purees, juices, pancakes, batters, smoothies, cheese sauce, homemade tomato sauce, whipped cream, apple butter, and many other Indian dishes and cakes. The overall unit gives the lasting feel with the sturdy head swivel mechanism.

8 level speed control with the pulse control allows you to use the mixer as per your requirements

  • LED indicator gives stylish look to it
  • It comes with safety functions such as Dustproof Splash Guard, safety lock protection, overheat safety protection, and anti-sleep feet.
  • It comes with whisking cone, dough hook, and mixing beater.
  • It has a bowl lock mechanism and the rubber feet cups to give stability to it while operating.


  • Saves time & efforts
  • Consumes less space
  • Cleaning is simple and easy
  • Sticky base avoids falling


  • Hook, mixer, and whisker seems fragile
  • Machine parts move much than the expected
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2. KitchenAid Artisan Series 5KSM150PSDRI 300-Watt Tilt-Head Stand Mixer 4.8 Litre

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5KSM150PSDRI 300-Watt Tilt Head Stand Mixer 4 8 LitreSrc

If you are a professional home baker, then this mixer is the best choice for you. KitchenAid stand mixer features a 300 watt motor that is facilitated to carry out the heavy mixing needs. It comes with a stainless steel bowl with a mixing capacity of 4.8 Litre. Operating voltage ranges between 220-230 volts and the total unit weighs about 10.6 Kg.

This affordable mixing bowl is facilitated with the planetary mixing action that can blend and mix the ingredients uniformly. Beater and shaft spin in the counter directions to deliver the fine mixing results. Normal to heavy batters for cakes, and cookies can be mixed with ease. Perfect gadget to mix your everyday roti dough.

59-Touchpoints per rotation around the bowl for the thorough incorporation of the ingredients. the beater, dough hook, or the wire whip moves around the bowl for the full coverage and comprehensive mixing.

  • Its unique handle provides grip while handling the heavy mixtures of batches
  • Its double coat of paint gives it a shiny and glossy look
  • Tilt head design gives you a clear view of the ingredients so that you can easily add the ingredients to the recipe.
  • You can easily whip about 1 liter of non-dairy whipping cream
  • It has 10 different speed levels and you can carry out very low to very high spin as per the requirement.
  • The mixer comes with a dough hook, wire whip, flat beater, and 1 piece pouring shield.
  • 14 different attachments like pasta roller, pasta cutters, ice cream maker, slow juicer attachments can be used along with the mixer


  • Can mix large quantities at a time
  • Durable and sturdy handle
  • Multispeed function for various mixing jobs
  • Easy to clean wash and assemble


  • Speed slider is tricky to adjust
  • Comes with UK plug and adapter is required for installation
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3. Panasonic MK-GB1 3 Liter-200-watt stand mixer

Panasonic MK-GB1 3 litre-200-watt stand mixerSrc

To ease your work in the kitchen Panasonic introduces an impressive handy tool to mix and blend your food ingredients and to bring out the maximum taste and flavor. Panasonic hands free mixer comes with 200 watts motor.

It offers you fuss free baking experience and optimizes your cooking efficiency by instantly mixing all the ingredients. Using the hand blender you can aerate, blend, whisk, mix and whip the food items. It weighs 2.1 kg and the operating voltage ranges between 220-240 volts.

The mixer has its own rotation pot that can be detachable. This best stand mixer for baking bread has a capacity of 3 litre. You can detach the hand mixer from the stand for simple mixing operations. The pack comes with hand blender, egg beater, and dough hook of stainless steel. Facilitated with the eject button to conveniently remove beaters or hooks.

  • Egg beater, a blender and dough hook comes with the package
  • White plastic body gives elegant look to the kitchen. Along with the easy usage, it also adds a modern touch to enhance its appearance
  • It can operate at five speeds and the best stand mixer for small loads
  • Stylish and ergonomic switches are convenient to use
  • Impressive tool to blend and mix the ingredients
  • Bowl does not rotate, only the motor rotates. The bowl has to be held with function for the operation.


  • Elegant design and user friendly
  • Detachable hand mixer
  • Smooth whisking and mixing
  • One year warranty


  • No overload protection
  • Bowl has to be held with a hand during the operation
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4. Morphy Richards Total Control 800-watt Stand Mixer

Morphy Richards Total control 800-watt stand mixerSrc

Morphy Richards is one of the old brands that is originated in England and producer of the quality range kitchen and home appliances. This stand mixer is designed to keep all the engineering needs in balance and you will get to know these features in this best stand mixer reviews listed below.

Morphy’s total control stand mixer adds style and confidence to your cooking. With its smart responsive technology, you can prepare dough, batters, and mixes for all cooking needs. It allows the users to select the preprogrammed setting from the 6 available automatic mixing settings suitable for any type of food.

It is featured with a strong and powerful motor of 800 watts. The mixer comes with 3 sets of stainless steel attachments including cake beater, whisk, and pastry dough hook.

  • It comes with the 5 liter mixing bowl and dough hook that is suitable for homemade breads and pastries
  • The beater is used for cake and cookie mixtures and a whisk for the meringues and icing
  • 6 programmed settings customized for the egg whites, whipping cream, Victoria sponge, butter cream, white bread dough, and multigrain/seeded bread dough
  • 6 speed controls and pulse settings to add short bursts of power
  • A simple touch of the button allows you to have control over the entire mixing process


  • Robust, versatile, and easy to use
  • Its attachments are dishwasher safe
  • Easy to attach beater
  • High capacity mixing bowl
  • Rust free stainless steel attachments


  • some parts may not be available in India
  • noise during operation
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5. Wonderchef 1000-watt stand mixer:

Wonderchef 1000-watt stand mixerSrc

Wonderchef is an expert in crafting the appliances to help keep your family members healthy and fit. Wonderchef brings home the kitchen appliances with aesthetics and functionality.

Wonderchef has the enormous applause in the home appliances market for its high-quality products. You can whip up the mixes for some lip smacking cakes and pastries with planetary mixing. It is equipped with the Die-cast metal housing for stability, strength, and performance. The total body weighs about 2.5 kgs.

This mixer uses the planetary mixing action for perfect texture and consistency. Quickstart/stop that is facilitated by the pulse speed. Operating voltage and frequency are 220v and 50HZ respectively.

  • It comes with a large stainless steel bowl of capacity 5 liters
  • Bowl comes with the easy covering for the easy poring of the ingredients and to protect the food from getting splashed.
  • Featured with 6-speed settings and 3 attachments
  • It has detachable aluminum blades for easy cleaning
  • 3 types of beaters for whisking, dough making, and whisking.
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years for residential usage and 1 year for commercial usage


  • Skid resistant feet
  • Reliable warranty
  • 3 types of beaters for all baking needs
  • Less weight
  • Big bowl is convenient for mixing, whisking, and dough


  • Makes noise when used for long time
  • Gives shaky movements with less water in dough
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6. Cuisinart SM-50BC 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome

Cuisinart SM-50BC 5 5-Quart Stand Mixer Brushed ChromeSrc

Cuisinart is powered by the 500 watt motor and is crafted to suit all your baking needs. With the 12 speed options, this mixture achieves the exact texture that is required for the sauces and salsas. Dough hook kneads yeast dough for breads, rolls, and pizzas. This top rated mixer in India comes with chef’s whisk, dough hook, and flat mixing paddle.

Mixing bowl is built up with the die-cast metal. This best stand mixer can mix the batter that is enough for 5 dozen cookies or can stir up to 6 cups of dry ingredients. Splash guard prevents the spattering while mixing and adding the ingredients. Handle gives the grip. Both the dough hook and the flatter beater are coated in non-stick for the easy cleanup.

Stand mixer is available in various colors including ruby red, white linen, onyx, periwinkle blue, robin’s egg, and silver lining and weighs around 7.7 kg.

  • Tilt back head allows the easy access to mixing bowl
  • Its whisk is ideal for whipping eggs, egg whites, or heavy cream
  • Flat mixing paddle to stir, mix, or meat the perfect batter for the cookies
  • Multifunctional stand mixer with the facility to attach meat grinder, spiralizer, ice cream maker, and pasta maker
  • Lightening around the speed dial gives it an elegant look
  • The product has the limited 3 years warranty.


  • 12 speeds for precision mixing
  • Outlet to fit compatible attachments
  • Five rubber feet keeps the machine stable during the operation
  • Product comes with the recipe manual
  • Mixing bowl and accessories are dishwasher safe.


  • Gets warm for heavy loads
  • Flat paddle does not have the flexible edges
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How to Choose the Right Stand Mixer?

Choosing the best stand mixers of all the iconic designs and gorgeous colors is a tough task. Here are the few factors that you should take into account while choosing the best stand mixer for cakes and baking.

1. Is a Stand Mixer is Necessary to Buy?

Before you go with the stand mixer qualities to consider, question yourself that do you really need a stand mixer and how it will be useful for you.

If you are a minor league baker, you don’t need it. You will need it, if you regularly bake trays of cookies, bread, cakes, marshmallows, and other heavy duty recipes. Stand mixers make everything easier and most of them come with the space for the additional attachments.

2. Tilt Head or Bowl Lift Stand Mixer:

Tilt head and bowl lift are the two types of stand mixers that are available in the stand mixers sector.

A. Bowl lift Stand Mixer:

Mixer fits beneath the cabinet and need not to be moved forward to use it. This model contains a stationary motor housing. Bowl comes with clamps that allow it to move up and down, or to change the attachments. The bowl lift is usually used in the commercial kitchens, these days it is available in KitchenAid’s higher priced and large capacity mixers.

B. Tilt Head Stand Mixer:

As the name suggests, tilt head mixer’s head can be tilted back allowing the user to attach and remove the mixing attachments

People prefer the bowl lift mixers for the professional look and larger bowl capacity. Some others prefer tilt head mixers in terms of accessibility to the bowl and ease to add the ingredients and scrape down the side. Tilt head motors are usually shorter than bowl lifts as they do not need extra space to move the bowl up and down.

3. Price Range:

Price is the foremost thing to consider while choosing a product that fits your needs. for baking cookies, and cakes at home you can go with the low power mixers. If you are a baking professional, then high end mixers could be a great choice.

The price of the stand mixers in India ranges from Rs 6500/- to Rs 55000 per piece

4. Know Your Cooking Needs:

Consider what you are going to use this mixer-both in terms of recipes and the quantity of food that you are going to cook. Stand mixers can be used beyond making the pastries and desserts. Considering these will help in choosing the type of mixer, and the size of the mixer to pick.

With the right attachments, you can make pasta, meatballs, butter, and the other sorts of recipes that seem typical previously.

5. Size of the Mixer:

Large mixers work well with the ones who bake throughout the week. If you opt for the large stand mixer, it is more important to look for the powerful motor to properly knead the dough.

6. Weight:

While purchasing the hand mixer, you will probably look for the ones with lighter weight as you need to hold it as you mix. For great quantity of stuff, you need to hold it for the long hours so.

For stand mixers, the scenario turns opposite. For steady and efficient performance, you need a heavy stand mixer. If you are placing the mixer on the counter, then weight may be the minor concern. If you want to take it out of the cabinet for every use, then you should go with the one that is easier to lift.

A mixer should weigh at least 9 kg for the stable and sturdy operation. There is a risk of moving the mixers around the counter with the lighter ones.

7. Speed Settings:

Different types of foods will require different speed access. Most of the stand and hand mixers offer varied speeds somewhere between 3 to 12.

Go with the mixer with a slow start setting that is easy to add the ingredients like flour without making the mess. The model should also include the fast setting for making the meringue. To meet your baking needs, you should require at least 3-speed levels. For those who wish to bake the foods with high precision, then the more speed options are good to go.

8. Ease of Cleaning:

Ease and extent of cleaning are the most factors to be considered while choosing kitchen appliances where cleaning and hygiene play role. Stand mixers come with the various attachments to clean. Some attachments are dishwasher safe and some others need to be washed with hand carefully after every use.

Some of the stand mixers come with the models that are tricky to clean. Choose the ones with the easy to clean and detachable attachments.

9. Noise Levels:

It’s more common with the electrical devices to make some extent of the noise. If you are irritated by your kitchen appliances that give loud sounds then look for the models that are labeled as the quiet ones.

10. Appearance:

If you are worried about the stains and spills over your appliances, then go for the top rated stand mixers with red and black colors. Plenty of models with the elegant colors and models are available in the home appliance market to give stylish look to your kitchen.

11. Construction material:

To cut down the manufacturing costs, cheaper mixers use plastic. This is cheaper than metal and makes the mixer light weight. But the limitation is that they are not sturdy and you can not expect it mix anything thicker than cookie dough or cake batter.

High end mixers are made up of both metal and plastic and sometimes entirely metal. These mixers are more durable and offer sturdiness but they weigh bit more.

12. Adjustability:

Most common problems surrounding the customers are whether the attachments reach the bottom of the bowl

The most frustrating thing is that to get the innocent mix, you should add all of your ingredients together otherwise, bottom inch of the bowl left untouched.

To mitigate this issue, a good mixer comes with the adjustment knob or the screw that allows you to adjust the height of the mixing attachments.

Specific instructions for the adjustments may vary from the mixer to mixer, but the general procedure is to place the coin such as dime inside the bowl and adjust the height until the coin moves ¼ “ to ½” per rotation. These instructions allow you to carry out the mixing while not scratching up the bowl or damaging the attachments.

13. Power Performance and Capacity:

It is well known that higher the wattage, then more power the mixing and kneading. Some mixers work the other way, they take to use of the higher wattage and produce the power out that is less than the denoted level. So, it is more important to base your buying decision on capacity instead of just solely relying on wattage advertised by the manufacturer.

To help with these manufacturers provide the capacity and guidelines that are helpful for the users.

14. Warranty:

Along with the length of the warranty what exactly covers under the warranty is more important. Most of the brands cover the warranty for manufacturing, material, and workmanship defects.

15. Attachment of Stand Mixer:

Most of the mixers come with the attachments including wire whip/whisker, flat beater, dough hook.

Some other mixers come with the attachments that allow the customers to make use of the shredders, grinders, and spiralizers.

Common Attachments that you Get With the Stand Mixers:

Common attachments that you get with the stand mixersSrc

Most of the stand mixers will come with the standard attachments:

1. Flat Beater or Mixer Blade:

This attachment is used for combining the mixture that is ranging from the normal to heavy consistency. It is useful for making cakes, biscuits, pastry icing, and even mashed potato.

2. Dough Hook:

It looks like a helix of hook and Suitable to work with all kinds of dough and heavier pastries. Unlike the beater attachments, it comes with a hook that turns and folds the dough in the mixing bowl.

3. Balloon Whisk:

A large metal bowl balloon whisk is best for whisking the egg whites, whipping, creaming the ingredients for light cake mixtures and batters. The large whisk incorporates more air into the dough, but, should not be used with the large mix as it may be damaged.

Extra Mixer Attachments:

Extra mixer attachmentsSrc

Some stand mixers include a few of these mixing attachments.

1. Splash Guard:

A plastic lid that comes with a small hole or the hinged flap which flexes over the top of the mixing bowl to avoid the splashing while adding the ingredients. for some models, this has to be attached before you start the operation. It prevents the lighter ingredients such as flour or icing sugar to flung out of the bowl and dust your kitchen.

2. Flexi-Beater:

It is the updated version for the original flat beater. It is the same type of attachment for the same task but it holds the silicone/rubber spatula on the outer edge of the beater. This scrapes the ingredients from the sides of the bowl without any scratches.

3. Jug Blenders:

Some other stand mixers come with the jug blender attachments that flexes on the top of the mixer arm. This is useful for blending smoothies, soups, or even puree food.

Food Processing Mixer Attachments:

Food processing mixer attachmentsSrc

Some of the stand mixers offer you some additional mixer attachments at extra cost. They include the range of the food processing attachments that enhance the skill set of the mixer.

  1. Mini chopper: it is used for chopping the nuts, herbs, and spices.
  2. Slicer/grater: This mini food processor attachment will slice and grate food. easily add freshly sliced or shredded ingredients to all your favorite salads.
  3. Citrus press: for efficient juice extraction
  4. Slow Juicer: with the slow juicing attachment, you can juice out hard fruits and vegetables.
  5. Grinder or mill: used to grind the spices like pepper, or dry fruits. Some of them are designed to grind coffee.’
  6. Meat Mincer: this accessory meant to mincemeat or fish to make burgers, fishcakes, or meatballs. Some of them are provided with a choice of medium to coarse screen and an additional pipe attachment to prepare the sausages.
  7. Pasta maker: to make a variety of pasta shapes and spaghetti.
  8. Spiralizer: to transform the vegetables into thin shaped pasta shapes.
  9. Biscuit cutter: to make out the biscuit designs in attractive looks.
  10. Ice cream maker: freezable bowl to use with the main mixing bowl to make out your own ice cream.

Benefits of Using a Stand Mixer:

Benefits of using a stand mixerSrc

Whether you are a professional baker or ordinary one, stand mixers can make your baking task simpler. Here are some surprising benefits of using the stand mixers.

#1 – Hand Free and Mess-Free Operation:

The most appreciable task of the stand mixer is that they aid you in mixing the dough efficiently with the uniform consistency in just a single start button. Avoids the dusting on your kitchen’s countertop and no need to put your hands in the flour to make the dough.

There are beaters, whiskers to take out all your work efficiently.

#2 – Ease of Use:

Stand mixers are easy to use with informative icons on the buttons or knobs. They come with the user manuals. Best mixers come up with the sturdy base and lift design to avoid the fears of the bowl topping over or the flour spilling out during the operation.

#3 – Versatility:

The best part of the stand mixers is that they come with the attachments like whiskers, stirrers, and kneading hooks that help you to make more than just mixing cake batter or beating eggs. You can use them to make your favorite recipes like ice cream, pasta, or pizza dough. These attachments will offer more versatile operations covering all your pre-baking needs.

#4 – Efficiency and Reliability:

Stand mixers are the trusted source to fulfill your baking needs with the power supply. Most of the stand mixers are facilitated with the built-in Die cast mixing bowl that is capable of serving your needs for many years without any complaints. This metal gives the bowl heaviness and helps to keep the bowl in place.

#5 – Power and Controlling:

You can make even the heaviest dough with the hand mixers equipped with the 12 speed levels. Controlling can be done to the maximum extent with the tilt head or tilt arm. Controlling ranges from mixing, and adding the ingredients to removing the ingredients from the bowl.

Hand Mixer Vs. Stand Mixer:

If you are really confused about what kind of mixer is good to go with your mixing needs. Here are some noticeable differences that will assist you in making the right choice.

1. Hand Mixer:

Hand MixerSrc

A stand mixer is a basic kitchenware item that is used by almost all the households. They are cheaper and come in the cheaper prices. You need to spend a bit more for the sturdy and the branded hand mixers. An efficient hand mixer can help you in whipping the cream efficiently.

Though it looks small, it can be effective in mixing cake batter, cookie dough, or to mash the potatoes. Whip the butter or beat the eggs in just minutes. All the portable hand mixers come with the removable all-purpose metal beaters that can be used to whip the egg whites, cream, or butter.

Balloon whisk or the dough hook attachment comes with some high end hand mixers. Most people prefer to use the electrical hand mixers as they require little effort. Similar to the stand mixers, hand mixers are equipped to operate at different speed levels.

2. Stand Mixers:

Stand MixersSrc

With the best stand mixer, you will get more time to focus on the other activities such as cleaning the kitchen and cooking food while the stand mixer is doing its job. Stand mixers will help you to improve the quality of the foods by achieving the uniform consistency while mixing the ingredients.

A lightweight stand mixer can fit into a kitchen wardrobe if you don’t have the sufficient place on your kitchen countertop.

Usually stand mixers come with the various attachments including Flat beater for creaming and mixing, whisk attachment for whipping cream or egg whites, a dough hook for kneading heavier dough such as bread dough.

Can Stand Mixer be used as Hand Mixer?

There are some trending 2-in-1 mixing arriving in the market that look like traditional stand mixers. In this case, you should have the ability to detach the mixer from the stand. If you want to use it as stand mixer, simply attach the mixer to the stand and use it as you like by placing the hands-free mixer on the kitchen countertop.


A stand mixer is one of the best investments if you love to bake cookies, cakes, and other bakery items. This ultimately reduces the straining of your hands and enhances the quality of food by achieving uniform consistency while mixing.

For the beginners KitchenAid stand mixers suit well in fulfilling the baking needs. Best stand mixer come with several attachments to make best use of it. choose the best mixing companion for all your baking needs.

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