Anyone who used to wash the clothes with hands can’t wait to appreciate the art of washing machines in the laundry process.

Washing machine is a long investment for every Indian home. Choosing the best washing machine for your home needs can be a tough job though we have a wide range of options available in the market.

A lot of models can sometimes overwhelm you. That is why we are bringing here in this article not only the best washing machines but also discussed the most important factors to be considered while buying the washing machine.

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Best Rated Washing Machines in India 2020

Best Front Load Washing Machine in India

1. IFB 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Senator Aqua SX


This fully automatic front load washing machine measures 59.8 cms in width, 84 cms in depth, and 60.6 cms in height. This compact front load washing is good to fit in the dry area or at the place near the balcony and can be placed in any preferred corner of your home.

The ball valve technology of this machine enhances the washing experience by preventing the wastage of the detergent. Its 3D wash system can soak your soiled clothes thoroughly in the water to yield better washing results. On the other hand, its moon drum design acts so gently with the fabrics.

With the overall capacity of 8kg, this smart machine can detect unbalanced clothes and can redistribute them evenly to achieve consistent and stable wash results. Its automatic voltage system puts the machine to the off position whenever the voltage fluctuates below and above the safe voltage level.

It can resume its operation once the voltage levels are stabilized. Its foam control system provides a better washing experience by managing the excessive foam

  • The pause button allows you to add more clothes amid the wash cycle
  • With its Eco wash system, it consumes very less water to wash clothes.
  • Eliminates the different types of odors and deodorizes the machine for the next fresh wash
  • Say bye to the bacterial growth and other germs as its tub clean feature eliminates all the impurities from the water.
  • No need to worry about the kids going around and opening the doors during the ongoing wash cycle as it is facilitated with the child lock.
  • Featured with Time Delay where you can delay the start of the wash cycle as per your convenience. You can choose to start the wash cycle from 30 minutes to 24 hours later.


  • works well even with the hard water
  • Avoids accidental tearing of the clothes
  • Better soaking technology
  • Avoids wastage of the detergent
  • User friendly LCD display


  • Machine installation requires the specific

2. Bosch 6.5 Kg Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine- Serie 4 WAK20165IN


This is the best washing machine to buy in India 2020. It measures 60 cm in width, 60 cm in depth, and 85 cm in height. The amazing feature of this washing machine is ActiveWash Plus which optimizes the usage of the water as per the load thus saving both water and money.

Its unique wave drum is designed to effectively eliminate the stubborn grime while being gentle with the fabrics. Anti Vibration design reduces the shaking movements during the spin cycles. It uses the hot water to eliminate the detergent residues and bacteria formed inside the drum.

  • This is the best washing machine to buy in India if you are looking for excellent wash results in silence.
  • You can add or remove the clothes from the machine even after the wash cycle has started. With the reload function you can open the door and add or remove the clothes early in the wash cycle.
  • It saves electricity with its EcoProjection feature. It will indicate the energy required depending on the settings and the programs you choose
  • It reduces your ironing worries as it separates and smoothens the garments for about 60-90 minutes.
  • This is the best washing machine with a dryer. You can make the washed clothes ready in just a single touch as it dries all the clothes completely in just 60 mins.


  • Saves water and electricity
  • Less noise during the wash cycle
  • It is budget friendly best selling washing machine in India
  • Saves time with the shortest wash cycles
  • Makes your clothes wrinkle free

3. Haier 7Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine-HW70-B12636NZP


Haier uses the brushless direct current technology that reduces noise and vibration. This is the top rated washing machine in India which makes the task of washing clothes so easy. Its quick wash session can end up the laundry session in just 15 minutes.

You can go with this option when you have fewer amounts of clothes. Its efficient spin cycle rotates the clothes at 1200 rpm minimizing the drying time.

ABT detergent drawer and Homocentric drum are plus to its utility. ABT eliminates 99.8% of bacteria and provides a safe wash. The drum is featured with 128 muscles.

  • Promises the mess-free washing experience with the auto door lock
  • Inverter motor, NZP technology, and touch display with water proofing are its key features
  • Magic toughened glass door
  • It comes with the A+++ certificate making it energy efficient and to consume less water.
  • Drain holes on the drum muscles ensure the better scrubbing of the clothes with lesser abrasion
  • Offers super silent wash cycles that don’t disturb your sleep
  • This best budget washing machine comes with the user friendly features like time delay, time display, and memory functions
  • It has a gentle mode for the clothes including sweater, shawl, babywear, or any other that is delicate.
  • Best budget washing machine in India which is ideal for small families
  • Laser welding drum cleans the clothes with more care and efficiency


  • Saves 30% of water, energy, and money
  • Offers hygiene, clean, and healthy washing
  • works effectively with low water pressure
  • Offers 16 wash modes
  • Rust free body

4. LG 8.0KG Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine, FHT1408SWL


6 motion DD technology equipped LG offers the best washing performance without damaging the clothes. This best front load washing machine measures 60 cms in width, 55 cms in-depth, and 85 cms in height. With its Turbowash feature, this washing machine efficiently cleans the soiled clothes. Front load washer is more convenient for loading and unloading the clothes.

It comes with the smart diagnosis feature that is associated with the application called SmartThinQ which is available for free on Android and ioS devices. Allergy care removes 99.9% of germs from the clothes and sterilizes bacteria. JetSpraytechnology sprays the clean tap water onto the clothes making the rinsing cycles much better. It uses the inverter drive technology to get rid of the traditional belt and pulley system to rotate the drum.

  • Using the NFC tag on the machine, you can download the newer wash programs on mobile through the SmartThinQ app. You can download around 20 new wash cycles.
  • A smart diagnosis allows you to detect the issue and send it to the service center for aid. It helps you in resolving the minor issues with smart and quick solutions.
  • Remote controlling is the best feature of this washing machine
  • you can track the energy consumption of your washing machine from anywhere
  • This is the best washing machine with an inbuilt heater. The heater can heat the water up to 60 degrees centigrade that can eliminate any kind of stains.
  • With just a single child lock, you can secure the settings and disable the control panel.
  • It is facilitated with anti-slippery stickers to keep the machine in position even on the slippery floor.
  • Perfect for the families with 2-4 members


  • Smart diagnosis saves your time
  • Combats allergens with the power of steam
  • machine body is durable and rust free
  • Occupies less place
  • big drum to wash blankets

5. Samsung 8-kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine-WW80J54EOBX/TL


This is one of the best selling washing machines in India 2020. It measures 60 cm in width, 55 cm in depth, and 85 cm in height. It’s Eco Bubble technology performs gentle cleaning. This technology turns detergent into bubbles that can penetrate easily into the fabric to eliminate the dirt. Smooth diamond shaped ridges of the drum wash the clothes with gentle care and effectiveness.

Bubble soak function effectively eliminates the wide range of stubborn stains like blood. Dirt and stains are loosened when soaked in active bubbles so that they can be removed effectively. Its digital inverter technology consumes less power and makes use of magnets for the quieter and more powerful washing performance.

Eco Drum Clean eliminates the dirt and 99% of the odor causing bacteria from the drum and the door gasket thereby ensuring hygiene and safe wash. StayClean Drawer ensured that residues of the detergent are washed away with the special water flush system.

  • Brings stylish look to your home with its crystal clear glass door
  • The door is inclined 45 degrees higher so it is easy to open
  • Using the smartphone app you can detect and diagnose the problems at the early stages.
  • Just press the Easy Iron button to control the spin drying time and speed of the last cycle. This prevents the clothes from wrinkles.
  • The machine notifies you when it needs cleaning
  • It has the small water exit holes that protect the clothes from being damaged
  • It uses soaking, pulsating, and high speed spinning to wash the clothes without the use of costly detergent.


  • offers effective wash cycles with cold water
  • Saves time and repair bills
  • Smart monitoring via app
  • Protects color and texture of the clothes


  • A wifi connection is required for troubleshooting

6. Whirlpool 7Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine:


Make your laundry experience more convenient and comfortable with the whirlpool fully automatic front load washing machine. This washing machine measures 57.5 cms in depth, 84.5 cms in height, and 59.5 cms in width and weighs about 66 kgs.

It is facilitated with the SteamCare Technology that deeply cleans your clothes, removes bacteria and allergy while maintaining the fabrics intact. The 6th Sense Soft Move Technology offers customized drum movements as per the type of fabric. This technology creates the movements as per the load minimizing the friction and maximizing the washing performance. This is the best budget washing machine in India and is featured with 12 wash programs.

  • Colour 15 degrees technology avoid the color fading of the clothes by using the softeners
  • It uses the cold water wash to protect the colors of the fabrics while offering the perfect cleaning
  • It is equipped with the IntelliSense inverter motor that offers utmost washing experience in a vibration free environment.
  • It uses the Tumble wash method
  • You can start the laundry cycle at the time of your convenience using the single click Start Delay
  • This best inverter washing machine fits a family of 3.


  • Higher spin speed and lower drying time
  • Keeps the clothes fresh, free from odor and bacteria
  • A+++ energy rating-Less energy consumption
  • Fits well for the baby clothes by eliminating detergent residues
  • Reduces the formation of creases on the clothes


  • Machine body is white so that stains and dust becomes more visible

Best Top Load Washing Machines:

1. Godrej 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine:


i-Wash technology is the amazing smart feature of this machine to calculate, soak, wash, and dry at the single press. This is the best top load washing machine in India. It measures 56.5 cms in width, 55.5 cms in-depth, and 90.4 cms in height.

Each of the wash cycles comes with an inbuilt automatic soak time of about 5-8 mins ensuring the effective stain removal in every program. No need to go for the extra step to activate the soak.

ACU-wash drum is facilitated with the big and small evenly spaced contours that offer gentle and efficient scrubbing for the clothes. In case of power failure, its Auto-restart & Backup allows it to save the settings and resume the operations where it has stopped. 6 ridges of the pulsator create better water turbulence leading to a powerful wash.

  • It has 5 wash programs that suit your wash needs
  • Its toughened glass lid is anti scratch proof and shock resistant that enhances the durability.
  • Spin speed is 700 RPM leading to the slower drying time.
  • Dry tap protection protects the water inlet valve from the wear and tear over time. This feature puts the machine in the hibernation mode in the case of a low water level.
  • It consumes 425 watts of power
  • Offers three water levels-full, half, and quarter.
  • Dries the clothes up to 85%
  • Its stainless steel tub offers many advantages including durability, cleaning, and gentle wash for the clothes.
  • It is suitable for bachelors and couples


  • It has auto restart and memory back up
  • Budget friendly
  • Less Noise and Vibration free
  • offers fresh and clean washing experience


  • There are not many wash modes
  • No option to buy the delicate clothes

2. LG 8 KG Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine-T9077NEDL1


This Fully automatic washing machine measures 54 cms in width, 54 cms in depth, and 91 cms in height. It has Smart Inverter Motor that adjusts the energy consumption at the optimum level in accordance with the required power. BMC motor protection leaves the motor with no room for insects, dust, and humidity. Side Waterfall mechanism reduces the detergent residues

It has a Turbo Drum that offers the most powerful washing experience by eliminating the toughest dirt through the strong stream of water generated by the rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.

Punch +3 feature creates the water streams in the vertical direction mixing up of laundry up and downs yield the even washing results. Jet Spray + washes off the dirt and the excess detergent. Smart inverter controls 3 kinds of tub movements enhancing the wash performance including agitating, rotating, and swing. A quick wash is available for the clothes under 2 Kg.

  • Tub Clean sterilizes both inner and outer tub and leaves no unpleasant smell
  • Operational noise stays inside of the encased housing
  • Auto restart starts the wash cycle exactly from the same cycle where it has stopped when the power interrupts
  • Connect the machine with the SmartThinQ App to diagnose the problem and get the solution before it turns severe
  • Its smart closing door saves the time of closing the door
  • Washing modes include Clean Tub, Jean, Normal, Gentle, Quick wash
  • Maximum spin speed is 800 rpm
  • This is the best automatic washing machine with dryer suitable for large families
  • Fuzzy logic selects the most appropriate condition by detecting the wash load
  • Set your own program with the additional options and save it to favorites for the future use.


  • Long motor life
  • Rust, bacterial, and germ free stainless steel drum
  • You can save 36% on energy
  • No power consumption in the standby mode
  • Saves time and money on repairs
  • Magic filter is easy to clean
  • Wide diamond glass door resistant to shocks, and scratches.


  • Rinse function cannot be adjustable in any washing mode

3. Whirlpool 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine-WHITEMAGIC PREMIER 6.5 SD


It comes with the power scrub technology to knock off the dirt and the stains from the clothes. This smart looking washing machine measures 54 cm in width, 56 cm in depth, and 87 cm in height.

This is built with intelligent hard water software that adapts the machine programs as per the water conditions to deliver better detergent actions on soft and bright clothes. It has 6th sense 1-2-3 technology for the safe wash of the clothes. Its Spa wash system is so gentle on the clothes.

The Dynamix technology leaves no detergent residues, giving you the stain-free washing experience. Agipeller with three 3D scrub pads knock off the toughest dirt and offers the whitest wash. Smart sensors give alerts in voltage fluctuations and low water pressure. Express wash minimizes the wash time by 50% for all wash programs.

  • This is the best washing machine for hard water. Hard water software adapts the machine programs to give the best washing results in the hard water.
  • The smart detergent recommendation suggests the detergent dosage
  • It is suitable for couples and family of 4 members
  • Its Dynamic technology ensures proper mixing of the detergent so that there is no detergent residues on clothes.
  • Maximum spin speed is 740 rpm
  • It is suitable for a family of 3
  • Smart wash technology and ZPF technology makes your wash experience much more easy and quick.


  • Works even under the low pressure water conditions
  • Cleans the less soiled clothes in a short span of time
  • It has 12 wash programs that can wash a wide variety of fabrics
  • Gives 30% better wash results even in the hard water
  • Dries clothes upto 60%
  • Light in weight and compact size


  • Water inlet is only for cold water
  • Shorter power cable

4. Samsung 7 Kg Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine-WA70M4000HP/TL


This is the budget friendly washing machine in India and it measures 54 cm in width, 56.8 in depth, and 100.2 cm in height. Stainless steel pulsator ensures better washing performance while securing the hygiene of the inner side. Its 6 blades create the intense and wide water stream that can rinse and effectively eliminate the dirt from the clothes. This structure is scratch resistant and inhibits the growth of the bacteria.

The Diamond Drum features a soft curl with smooth diamond shaped ridges that are smooth on the clothes. The built-in magic dispenser dissolves the detergent even before the start of the machine cycle. Eco tub clean feature notifies you to clean the machine whenever it requires cleaning.

Magic filters effectively collect the lint, fluff, and the other particles coming from the clothes. The intense cleaning feature gives you the spotless garments by premixing the detergent with the water that can go deep into the clothes.

  • Crafted with the elegant ice blue LED display that adds more style and provides clear information of the selected programs for the proper control
  • Built-in sink system allows you to treat the soiled clothes before washing
  • Its small water exit holes protect the fabric from being trapped and damaged
  • Magic filters help to keep laundry clean and protect drainage from getting clogged.
  • Wobble technology generates a dynamic, multi directional washing protecting your clothes from tangling
  • Glass window can withstand pressures, and it is temperature and scratch resistant
  • Spin speed is about 680 RPM
  • Higher spinning time lowers the spin speed


  • Separate place to pre-treat the heavily soiled clothes
  • 7 wash programs
  • Removes the stains without damaging the clothes
  • Offers powerful spins


  • No option for warm wash

5. Bosch 7 Kg Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine, Series 2 WOE702W0IN


This smart machine is designed with one touch smart feature and optimizes the wash program as per the load. This is the top washing machine in India and measures 55 cm in width, 56.5 cm in depth, and 92 cm in height. Its Active Water feature allows you to wash even smaller loads with the right amounts of water.

Its Vario inverter motor is a powerful, durable, and energy efficient motor that works silently optimizing the washing performance.

The magic filter collects the lint and fluff so that your laundry stays clean. PowerWave System is the combination of the innovatively designed pulsator, dynamic water flow, and intelligent drum movements giving you the perfect wash results.

Power-off memory enables the machine to automatically restart the process once the power is stable. Speed perfect feature ensures that your clothes are washed in time 20% faster than the alternatives without compromising the performance.

  • A single inlet for both hot water and cold water
  • It uses hot water to remove the detergent residues and the bacteria from the drum.
  • This international brand washing machine gives you the safe and hygiene washing experience
  • With the Delay wash function, you can schedule the wash any time within 24 hours
  • Tub clean prevents the build up of mold in the machine
  • Dual dispenser offers the flexibility to use both the liquid and powder detergent and ensures the good solubility of the detergent
  • Automatic tub stop on opening the lid during the operation
  • It is suitable for families of 4.
  • Buzzer at the end of the wash cycle and at the end of the wash program
  • Maximum spin speed is 680 RPM


  • saves water and electricity
  • 8 distinct wash programs for all kinds of loads
  • 8 water levels for highly soiled clothes
  • featured program to clean the dark colored laundry like Jeans


  • no in built heater, only has option for hot water inlet

6. Haier 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top loading washing machine –HWM65-707NZP


Haier is facilitated with the Laser Seamless technology that increases its durability. This is the best selling washing machine in India. Cubical shaped stainless steel drums provide a stronger water flow that cleans clothes gently with lesser abrasion.

Its Double Magic Filter eliminates the flint that is produced during the wash cycles. Deep Clean Pulsator offers a gentle motion to clean the delicate fabrics.

Jet stream technology allows the water to spurt out from the above and from the below giving you a 4-way uniform washing. A double layer lint filter ensures complete cleaning.

  • Washes and rinses your laundry even at very low pressure.
  • Designed with ariel top matic feature for the whiter fabrics
  • You can choose the wash cycle from the delicate to tough clothes from the 8 different wash programs
  • Different types of food and chemical stains can be removed in less time
  • LED display shows how much time is left for the wash programme
  • Transparent and the toughened lid gives a luxurious look to your home
  • This budget friendly washing machine is ideal for a small family of 3 members
  • The amazing feature of this best top load washing machine is auto-sense which detects the load and sets all the things including water level, washing time, rinse, and dry time as per the load.


  • Efficient drum dryer
  • Works effectively near the zero pressure
  • It occupies minimum space
  • Autosense to detect load


  • Little bit noise while spinning
  • No wheel rack making it difficult to push

Best Semi-Automatic Washing machines:

1. Godrej WS 800 PDS 8 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine:


Godrej WS 800 PDS is India’s first semi automatic washing machine. With the toughened glass soft shut lids it offers the wash capacity of 8 Kgs. Glass cover over the control panel provides enhanced protection. Its body measures about 86 cm in width, 48.5 cm in depth, and 90 cm in height.

With the Active Soak feature, you can soak all the clothes before the start of the wash cycle. Aquajet pulsator offers better wash quality by generating higher turbulence. Pulsator washing method cleans minimizes the time taken to wash and dry your clothes.

Its stainless steel drum facilitates the lesser abrasion of the laundry. Holes on the upper part of the drum helps to get rid of lint and residues.

  • Unique rain shower mechanism ensures better detergent removal
  • Wheel rack system at the bottom makes the machine movement easy
  • Maximum spin speed is 650 RPM
  • This model comes with the additional features like Electro Mechanical control method
  • Minimum wash timer is 15 minutes


  • durable and rust proof body
  • 2 wash programs suiting your wash requirements
  • Wash tray to scrub, rinse, and carry clothes
  • Spacious washing drum


  • Two separate inlets for washer and dryer
  • No LED display

2. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine-WT72M3000HP


Samsung 7.2 kgs Top load washing machine made washing clothes hassle free. The powerful motor packed in the machine ensures efficient and faster cleaning without leaving any stains on the clothes. It measures 23 kgs and is smart and

The attractive colors and the finishing of these washing machines gives the aesthetic look to your modern space. Double storm thoroughly cleans your clothes. A powerful dual jet system varies the flow of water to move the clothes around the drum. Horizontal and vertical currents of water deeply clean the clothes without spoiling them.

  • It is build up of the plastic body that is rust and corrosion free
  • The stable base secures the washing machine and sets it at its place
  • A magic filter gathers the lint, fluff, and other particles that come out of the clothes. So they always stay clean.
  • The drainage doesn’t get clogged up and it is easy to clean
  • It is suitable for families with 3-4 members.
  • You can view the washing process through crystal clear glass window
  • The air turbo drying system rotates the drum rapidly and the dual air intake draws in more air. This mechanism extracts more water from the clothes and helps to dry faster.
  • Glassdoor is strong, safe, and scratch-free
  • Spin speed is 740 RPM.
  • Caster wheel for the comfortable move
  • You can also set how long you want the clothes to soak before the washer starts.


  • Less drying time
  • Effective stain remover
  • Pre-soaking functionality
  • 3 wash programs fulfilling all your wash needs
  • Powerful filtration and easy cleaning


  • drying time for wet clothes and blankets is more.

3. Whirlpool 7.5 kg 5 Stars Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine- ACE SUPER SOAK 7.5


It has a unique and bold aesthetic design. With the spin motor of speed 1400 RPM ensures the faster drying time even with the heavy loads. 3D scrub technology offers effective washing results for every heavy load. The 3D scrub technology eliminates the toughest dirt from the clothes by moving them up and down.

3D lint filter with unique triple layered filtration ensures the proper collection of the lint from the clothes. So those clothes come out clean and fresh after every wash. Impeller provides the perfect motion for the clothes eliminating the dirt. Super Soak technology allows continuous soaking and scrubbing for 25 minutes ensuring the removal of the tough dirt.

It has special stain removal cycle that can remove the 10 household stains including coffee, tomato sauce, butter, deodorant, crayons, chocolate, jam, hair oil, soft drinks, and honey

  • Waterproof and shockproof control panel keeps the machine safe against the water spillage
  • This is the best washing machine in India that works well even with the hard water. Hard water wash program offers better stain and dirt removal in the hard water conditions.
  • You can sort, stack, and carry the clothes on the machine itself with the new ACE wash station.
  • 25 minutes dynamic soak with the maximum spin speed of 1450 RPM.
  • 3 wash programs including delicate wash, heavy wash, and normal wash.
  • Control panel is featured with knobs and buttons
  • Auto restart allows the machine to resume the wash cycle once the power is stable.
  • It has a smart handle and the extendable spin lid
  • It suits well for couples and families of 4.


  • It is more economical
  • Consumes less water and energy
  • Stain removal program
  • Agitator wash and stain free technology


  • No inl

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