According to the statistics presented by India Water Portal, every year, 37.7 million people in India suffer from water-borne diseases. Although the count is more in rural areas, the urban and suburban areas are not far behind. This is why knowing of the top 10 water purifiers for Indian homes is necessary to pick the best one for you.
With the advancing technology, even the types of water purifiers are becoming confusing for the common people to understand. RO, UV, TDS, Mineralising can be very confusing. Water purifiers have made it possible for you to drink clean and hygienic water.
But, with so many leading water purifier brands in India, which one should you be opting for? Confusing, right?
Well, don’t worry because we have sorted out the top 10 water purifiers in India to make your choice a little easier.

Best Rated Water Purifier in India 2020

It doesn’t matter what kind of food you are eating but relying on unhealthy water can cause long-term impacts on your health. It is thus extremely important to ensure that you do pick out the right water purifier for your home.
Let us take a look at some of the best water purifiers in India.

#1 – Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV with TDS Controller Water Purifier

The more purified the water is, the better it is for your health. The Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV with TDS Controller Water Purifier has a 7-stage purification to ensure the best water for consumption. It purifies the water using RO, UV, and UF technology for better health.
If you live in an area with a high TDS water supply, this water purifier can fix that for you. It can purify water with high TDS as 2000 ppm. The design of the purifier is a hit or miss among users. While some like the transparent cover, some don’t.
The purifier also supports storage of 8 litres of water and can purify up to 20 litres of water per hour. This is why it is considered a very good option for joint families in India. It is also integrated with SMPS that prevents unnecessary voltage fluctuations to impact the machine.
Many people are skeptical of using RO purifiers as they remove all the traces of minerals in the water. That is not something you’d have to worry about with the Kent Grand Plus. It restores the necessary minerals, ensuring the best purification.
The device also comes with a specific filter changing and UV fails alarm. This alerts you to inform the authorities when the filters need to be changed. In case you fail to inform the authorities on time, the purifier will stop working within the next sixty hours until the filters are changed.
The purifier also comes integrated with the Save Water technology that restores over 50% of the purified water. The wastewater is stored that can be reused later. This is a need of the hour, especially with the alarming water crisis around.


Has good storage unit
Saves a lot of water
TDS controller up to 2000 ppm
Alarm system for filter renewal




#2 – Havells Max 8-liters RO UV Water Purifier

For a water purifier that looks so stunning, the Havells Max 8-liters RO UV Water Purifier doesn’t disappoint with its results. Not only known for the electronics, Havells is well reputed in the niche of water purifiers as well.
Unlike the prior one, this one doesn’t support TDS control. But, it purifies the water with both RO and UV purification. This ensures 100% recovery of the purified water, ensuring no wastage at all. It also comes with a very stunning and sturdy build, which is a bonus.
It supports 8 litres of water capacity and is programmed with the mineraliser function. This helps restore the lost minerals in the water, making it suitable for drinking. The one unique feature is that it comes with a revitaliser function that restructures the water molecules.
Unlike the prior one, this one supports just the double purification blend. It does come with a RO membrane which further purifies the TDS, bacteria, and virus. It is also programmed with UV functions that get rid of the bacteria and virus for 100% purified water.
Not only does this purify the water, but it also helps to restore the pH balance too. This ensures the supply of purified and clean water all the time. Another unique feature of this purifier that makes this the best-selling water purifier in India is the iProtect feature.
This monitors the functions and the water purification process to ensure a consistent supply of purified water. The storage tank in the purifier is constructed of food grade quality material. The design of this purifier allows for easy storage or wall-mounting.


Sleek and stunning design
Enables double purification
Comes programmed with mineralizer and revitalizer
Quality storage


High maintenance unit


#3 – Kent Pearl 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Another amazing option for Kent that you can avail is the Kent Pearl 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier. It is programmed with all the latest features of RO, UV, and UF to ensure maximum purification.
This water purifier indulges in multi-stage purification technology that cleans and purifies your water. This helps remove all the contaminants from the water in no time at all. It is also capable of purifying any and every type of water supply.
RO technology comes with a boon and a curse. While it helps purify the water, it gets rid of all the minerals too. But this specific one comes with the RO Mineral Technology that restores the essential minerals in the water.
This does come with 8-litre storage, which again is pretty standard. With the amazing and prompt purification, it enables you to enjoy clean and tasty water. Much like any other option, this one does need annual maintenance.
Another amazing feature that this comes with the smart alarm system. This alerts you when the filters need to be changed to allow seamless purification. It also supports the UV fail alarm in case the UV functions don’t work.
Since the maintenance needs to be done periodically, you need to rely on one with good after-sales service. But you don’t have to worry as Kent has over 1500 service centres across the country. You can schedule the maintenance and the agents will get it done.


Supports multi-stage purification
Purifies the harmful contaminants
Integrated with Mineral RO technology
Amazing after-sales service




#4 – HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Wall Mountable Water Purifier

If budget isn’t a constraint for you, the HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Wall Mountable Water Purifier is hands down one of the best water purifiers in the market. Not only does it do what you are paying for, it comes with stunning design as well.
This uses the folklore of using copper for water purification. This RO water purifier is not like the rest in the market. It is charged with the Copper Charge technology that allows you to drink the most purified and healthy water.
The 7-stage water purification further makes this the best water purifier in the Indian market. The RO, UV, and UF filters further get rid of all the contaminants from the water. It doesn’t require you to use a copper bottle because the machine takes care of the same for you.
Unlike the other copper water purifiers, this one is designed with electrochemical dissolution technology. This discharges the water with 99.8% copper molecules before dispensing it out. This allows you to enjoy clear and copper charged water without any hassle.
Even this one does require annual maintenance, so make sure you take care of that. The copper filters come with auto-clean feature, which reduces the hassle further. But, the thing that snatches your attention is the sleek and ergonomic design.


Programmed with Copper purification technology
Autocleans the copper
Stunning and ergonomic design
7-stage water purification


High maintenance and expensive


#5 – Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

When it comes to water purifiers, you can never go wrong with Eureko Forbes. It is one of the best-selling brands in India. The Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier is one of the best options that you can purchase now.
It is considered one of the more affordable options, in case you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the water purifiers. But, just because it is priced less doesn’t mean it falls back on any of the functions.
It supports multi-layer purification which provides you with 100% clean and tasty water after complete purification. This one functions with the combination of RO, UV, and MTDS technology and can purify water with TDS up to 2000 ppm.
The water purifier clears out the TDS by 90%, ensuring that you get nothing but the absolute best. Aside from the normal RO purification membrane, it is also programmed with multiple other features including sediment filter, post carbon filter, RO membrane, and a lot more.
In case you live somewhere with high TDS levels, this water purifier can take care of that issue for you. It lets you adjust the levels of TDS, to let you enjoy good quality and highly purified water. The filter cartridges that come inside will last up to 6000 litres of water.
In case of malfunctioning of the UV lamp, the purifier has been programmed to alert the user. This way, you can contact the company to get the same checked for the annual maintenance. In case the UV lamp doesn’t work, it won’t filter the water as efficiently.
As for the storage and design, it sports stunning semi-transparent storage. It also has a very compact design, which again is one of the reasons why you should buy it. It is pretty easy to install and mount it on the walls too.
The storage tank of the purifier is 7 litres, which is perfect for a medium to large sized family. The brand is also known for their prompt customer service. So, in case you are struggling to keep this together, the after sales service is pretty amazing.


Sleek, durable and compact design
Spacious storage for a large family
Reliable brand
Controls TDS adjustments


Doesn’t alert about filter change


#6 – LG Puricare WW180EP RO + UV + UF + Mineral Booster Water Purifier

LG is hands down one of the most popular brands when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. In case you have been on the lookout for the best water purifier for home, the LG Puricare WW180EP RO + UV + UF + Mineral Booster Water Purifier is a good pick.
Not only does this serve the purpose right, but it also comes with a stunning design. Unlike all the other options, the factor that makes this unique is the stainless-steel tank. Instead of the food-grade plastic containers, the steel one is a lot more durable.
It also makes use of digital sterilizing technology, which is the first in the market. It doesn’t have a 7 stage purification but does support 5-stage purification to ensure that you are drinking nothing but the best.
The purifier also comes with both the internal and external sediment layers and the RO membrane layer to ensure maximum purification of the water without any hassle. It is also designed with a post-activated carbon filter with a mineral booster for better mineralization of the water.
Since RO tends to dissolve all the essential minerals following the purification of the water, the mineral filter allows restoring the same again. This ensures that you are drinking healthy and tasty water without any hassle.
The purifier also comes with an additional valve on the side that enables you to wash and sterilise your fruits and veggies. It is also programmed with UV LED rays that sterilise the RO water for 75 minutes every 6 hours.
In case you live in an area with high TDS and higher risks of microbe infestation, this purifier has more or less got your back. It also comes with the smart filter change that alerts you when the filters require replacement.


Sleek and stunning design
Higher purification and sterilisation
Stainless steel tank


Wastes a lot of water


#7 – AO Smith Plastic Z8 Green RO Water Purifier

Next up on the list of the top 10 water purifiers for Indian home has to include the one from AO Smith. The AO Smith Plastic Z8 Green RO Water Purifier is one of the best picks but might seem expensive for some families.
This is India’s first Green RO water purifier which is integrated with Advanced Recovery Technology (ART) that helps save water twice than any other standard water purifier. You also get hot water with the press of a button, which is unlike any other purifier.
The best thing about this purifier is that it comes with the 8-stage water purification that ensures better health. The unit is also designed and integrated with Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT), which purifies the water even further.
This helps get rid of any kind of microbes, including viruses or bacteria, and even the dissolved toxins to ensure maximum cleansing of the water. So, irrespective of whether you are getting supply water or boring water, this purifier takes care of everything.
But, again, since it’s a RO water filter, it will strip the water off of the natural minerals, so you need to compensate for that. It also does waste a lot of water, which, at the end of the day, is not at all good for the environment.
With this AO Smith purifier, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all. It features the mineraliser technology that restores the lost minerals while purifying the water. Aside from that, the advanced recovery technology, as mentioned before, saves twice the amount of water than the normal RO filter.


Allows 8-stage water purification
Purifies all types of water
Hot water with the press of a button
Integrated with mineralising technology




#8 –Hindware Elara RO+UV+UF+Mineral Water Purifier

Yet another budget-friendly and reasonably priced option under the best RO water purifier in India is the Hindware Elara RO+UV+UF+Mineral Water Purifier. This product is integrated with all the latest technologies to ensure you get the safest water.
This is designed with the absorbent pre-carbon filter that allows 7-stage water purification. It also comes layered with the UV lamp segment and sediment segments to ensure better cleaning of the water.
The water is purified to an extent that it can filter out high TDS containing water up to 1800 ppm as well. This is one of the reasons why it has gained so much popularity, especially because of how good the functions of the device are.
Unlike some of the other variants in the same price range, this one can filter up to 12 litres of water on an hourly basis. The purifier is also designed with a 7-litre storage tank as well. It does come with digital indicators for easier and better understanding as well.
It comes with an extraordinary and one of a kind designs, which is not something you’d normally expect from such reasonably priced models. It comes with dual-colour theme along with a detachable drip tray that you can clean around.


Stunning and durable design
Remineralizes the water after purification
Can filter all water types
Supports 7-liters of storage


After sales service is not that great


#9 – Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier

If you have used Blue Star for your air conditioning needs, you’d know how effective their water purifiers are as well. The Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier is one of the best water purifiers in India programmed with both the RO and UV filters.
It does come with a very compact design and comes in two colour variants to choose from. It also supports the 6-stage purification system. The water passes through the consecutive layers of Pre-Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, RO Membrane, Post-Carbon Filter, and UV Lamp.
The double layered purification enables better safety and hygiene for the drinking water. It passes through the RO membrane, followed by the UV lamp that helps eliminate the unnecessary impurities in the water, especially microbes and toxins.
The high purification level of this purifier can easily filter out around 12 liters of water in an hour. It also allows faster TDS adjustment and removal of up to 96%. If you are worried about the front panel display including tank full indicators and the low-pressure alert.
It also comes with 7 litres of storage tank for the purified water. But, amidst them all, the unique feature that stands out is the Aqua Taste Booster. This enhances the taste of the water by passing it through a calcite media. It also helps improve the pH of the water, making it suitable for consumption.
If you have a naughty kid around who is extremely fond of pressing buttons, the Child Lock feature is the best feature. Pressing it disables the front panel and prevents dispensing of the water. This helps keep your child safe and prevents unnecessary wastage of water.
It is like any other RO and UV water purifier in the market. It does remineralise the water, which ensures that it’s good and safe for consumption. As for the design, it does come with a very compact design that you wouldn’t have a hard time mounting on the wall.


Programmed with Child Lock function
Integrated with Aqua Taste Booster
Alerts for UV failure


Doesn’t support a filter changing alarm


#10 – Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus Water Purifier

Finding the best water purifier in India can be a hassle. But, when talking about a leading brand in this niche, Eureka Forbes is likely one of the best. The Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus Water Purifier is hands down one of the best options around.
Since this is hands down one of the best picks, it can easily filter out any sources of water without any hassle. It supports 6-stage water purification technology to help you drink the healthiest water in the end.
The device does come with a stunning design with LED indicators that allows you to keep a track of the purification process. It also alerts you in case there is something wrong with the machine or there is a lack of water supply to the unit.
The product has been designed in a way that it can either be kept on a countertop for easy access or mounted on a wall to save space. If you have a small to medium family, the 6-liters storage should be more than enough to get you to buy.
The RO filter cartridge in this water purifier comes with 6000 litres of purification. It also works efficiently to ensure better cleaning and purification of the water, especially in areas with high TDS. It also restores the minerals in the water after it has passed through the RO filter.
It is also quite a smart device, enabling automatic switch off function once the storage tank is full. This saves a lot of energy. The purifier is also programmed with the Smart Plus feature that prevents unnecessary voltage fluctuations.


Stunning and adjustable design
Allows six-stage purification process
Restores minerals in water after purification
Enables automatic switch off once tank is full


Does water wastage


How to Choose the Right Water Purifier – Buying Guide

If you have never bought a water purifier before, it is likely for you to be confused while making the purchase. With such an abundance of options available in the market, finding one that suffices all your needs can be a tough call.

To help out, we have sorted out the most helpful water purifier buying guide for you to take a look at.

What are the Sources of Water?

When buying a water purifier, the first and the most important factor that you need to keep a check on is the source of water.

Some houses in India rely on the municipal corporation water supply and some have underground boring done for their water needs. Some come from rivers and lakes. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the kind of water supply that you have.

Each type of water source is infiltrated with different types of impurities and toxins, so you do need to keep an eye out on the same. So, if you live in an area that has high impurities in the water, opt for the higher purification units.

Types of Impurities in Drinking Water

If you have been taking things lightly till now when it comes to the water supply, things do need to change now. You need to know about the source of water to ensure that you can decontaminate it accordingly.

Water that you generally see with the naked eye and see it clean might not be clean at all.

When it comes to the varying types of impurities in drinking water, it can be divided into four types:

  • Visible impurities
  • Chlorine
  • Micro-organic impurities
  • Total dissolved solids
Source of Water Visible Impurities Invisible Impurities
Municipal Corporation Supply Mud, Sand Microbes like bacteria and viruses, chlorine
Rivers Mud, Sand Calcium, Magnesium, Heavy metals
Groundwater Mud, Sand Calcium, Magnesium, Heavy metals
Lake or Ponds Mud, Sand, Algae Microbes like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, cysts

What is the TDS of Water?

If you have read through the entire article, you have probably come across the term, TDS multiple times. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. These constitute all the dissolved solids in the water and have the capacity of passing through finer filters as well.

Before buying a water purifier for home use, it is extremely important that you familiarise yourself with the TDS level of the water. This is the preliminary information that you can’t do without. In case you don’t know the levels, buy a digital TDS meter and that will give you the results you need.

The TDS of a water supply is measured in parts per million (PPM) and gives you a basic rundown of all the dissolved solids level in the water.

The digital TDS meters help you get an idea of the levels but won’t give you an idea of the elements involved. But, for the preliminary requirements, knowing about the levels is enough.

Read: How to Check the TDS Level of Water at Home

How Much TDS in Water is Safe for Drinking?

In a world where the majority of the items around are contaminated, the last thing you want is to drink contaminated water.

Knowing about the TDS gives you a better idea of what kind of purifier you need and how many filtration levels you need to ensure maximum safety for consumption.

As per the BIS standard, drinking water shouldn’t have more than 500 mg/L of TDS and can go up to a maximum of 2000 mg/L. But, even when we are mentioning the levels, it is important that the levels of harsh and heavy metals and the harmful compounds should be in check.

The last thing that you want is to consume a whole level of heavy metals that proves bad for your body.

What are the Types of Water Purifier Technology?

With the rising levels of contaminants in the water, more and more varieties of technologies are being introduced to ensure maximum purification of the water. There are multiple variants of purification technology.

Some of the most popular ones include:

  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purification
  • Pre-Filter or Sediment Filter
  • Ultraviolet Protection
  • UF (Ultra Filtration) Purification
  • Pre-Activated Carbon Filter
  • Post Carbon Filter
  • Candle Filter Purifier
  • The TDS Controller

The technology you choose for is dependent on the level of contaminants and TDS in your water supply. For the most part, the water purifiers available nowadays are integrated with multiple purification technologies to ensure better cleaning.

If your water supply has below 500 ppm TDS, the purification technologies suitable are:

  • Gravity based purifiers
  • UV purifiers
  • UF purifiers
  • UV and UF purifiers

If your water supply has above 500 ppm TDS, the purification technologies suitable are:

  • RO purifiers
  • RO and UV purifiers
  • RO + UV or RO+UV+UF purifiers

Which Type of Water Purifier is Best for Home?

If you are confused while choosing the best water purifier for home in India, there are a few variants you can look through.

Aside from checking the TDS level, you also need to keep an eye out on the purification technology.

If you stay in an area with a highly contaminated water supply, we would suggest you get the RO+UV+UF purifiers for maximum purification. They do cost a lot more than some of the standard options but they also sort you out with the best purified water.

1. Purification Capacity

Coming round to the next factor that you need to consider while buying a water purification system is the purification capacity. Mostly, the same is denoted by litres/hour. This is the total amount of purified water the unit produces in an hour.

The majority of the RO purifiers that you come across in the market or the ones mentioned in here come with a purification capacity of 12-15 litres of water per hour. But, if you have a large joint family, there are a few variants which support up to 20 litres per hour.

At the end of the day, the ideal purification capacity for an Indian home is dependent on how big of a family you have.

2. Storage Capacity

Unlike the older water purifier models, the latest ones come with a separate storage tank for the purified water.

What this does it keep the excess purified water stored so you can access it anytime without having to wait.

The majority of the purifiers mentioned here have a storage tank of 7-10 litres, depending on the size and the price point. You can also pick one depending on the size of your family and how frequently you need to refill your water bottles.

Additionally, if you stay in an area that experiences frequent or prolonged power cuts, we would suggest that you do opt for the purifiers with a larger storage tank.

3. Tank Type

Now that we have talked about the storage tank, the material of these tanks matter too. Majority of these are made from food-grade material but there are a few that are made from stainless steel.

The stainless-steel variant is considered a safer and more long-lasting option in comparison to the other one. The ABS food-grade plastic is also not a bad option but let’s be honest, there is nothing that would beat stainless steel in this case.

4. Indicators and Alerts

Not many pay attention to these but these make or break the device. If you are using it without any knowledge about its maintenance requirement, the purifier will not last long.

Having indicators or alerts for the UV lamps malfunctions or for filter change is a life changing event. This helps keep a track of the required maintenance and notifies you about the same before its too late.

Other than that, there are some standard indicators, which are needed on the front panel to keep a track of the level of the tank, the purification progress, and so on.

5. After Sales Service

Every single water purification system that you buy in India requires regular maintenance, be it quarterly, or annually.

So, if you want your purifier to last you for a long time, it is necessary that you find one with good after-sales service. You want to avail of the ones that prioritises the customers and have a good brand reputation.

Additionally, before purchasing, check whether they have their offices near your house so they can reach you in case your purifier breaks down.

Aside from the after sales service, always check for the initial warranty. This is the phase that you get free maintenance for your purifier. After that, there are annual or 3-year subscriptions for servicing that you can take up.

Advantages of a Water Purification System

As we mentioned in the very first line of this article. Over 37.7 million people in India suffer from water-borne diseases every year.

Drinking water contaminated with microbes, TDS and other toxins can impose long-term chronic diseases that you will later regret in life.

Having a water purification system thus enables you to drink purified water that is safe for your health and won’t end up causing unnecessary risks to your health.

Some of the common advantages include:

  • They remove toxic and harmful heavy metals from the water
  • Disinfects the water by getting rid of the excess microbes like bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • Gets rid of the TDS from the water
  • Prevents the risks of water-borne diseases

What is TDS in RO Water Purifier?

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and includes the compounds that are found in the source of the water before purification. They are minute particles and can pass through extremely small membranes too.

The AMC of a water purifier varies from brand to brand. Some cost more, depending on their features, and some cost less. You will have to contact your provider to get a detailed list of the same.

RO water purifiers do waste a lot of water. But, with the advancing technology, more and more ways are being integrated to save water. But, still, around 50% of the water is wasted during purification.

The water purifier with RO+UV purification technology is considered the best as it not just filters out the contaminated water but gets rid of the microbes in the water as well.

Some of the water purifier brands that are known for their immaculate after sales service include Eureka Forbes, Kent, and HUL.

If maintained well and handled with proper precaution, a water purifier can easily last more than 10 years. It all depends on how quickly you change the filters and how much water you purify on a daily basis.

Buying anything online ensures to get you the best deals. If you are thinking of buying water purifiers, we would suggest you buy them online as it is a hassle-free process. Additionally, you also do get some of the best deals that you otherwise wouldn’t get in the stores.
Now that we have sorted you out with the 10 best water purifiers for Indian home along with a detailed buying guide, we hope this does come in handy for you. Always make sure that you tick things off of the checklist of the buying guide before making the purchase.
This allows you to get the best option aligned with your needs. It is best that you do check for the available deals as well before buying the product. Understand how necessary water purifiers are right now and get the best one for you and your family TODAY!

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