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Taking time to invest in the high-quality washing machine offers several benefits for you.

The best washing machine not only works efficiently but also serves your needs for years without any complaints and expensive maintenance.

IFB washing machine is one of the world-class premium washing machine brands available in India. Most of the washing machines manufactured by IFB are designed to give a professional and quick wash to your clothes.

Scroll down for the IFB washing machine reviews and the modern technologies they use.

IFB Washing Machine Review in India:

In recent years, IFB has gained popularity in the washing machine industry with its impressive models and new washing technologies. Originally the company was known as Indian Fine Blanks Ltd and started its operations in India since 1974. It started the home appliance manufacturing division in between 1990-91.

IFB is the expert in developing the home solutions from the kitchen to the bedroom and to the laundry room. IFB stood firmly in the washing machine industry amid the arrival of many foreign brands including LG, Samsung and has around 39% value share in the front load washing machines in India.

IFB’s wide service network spans across the length and breadth of India. They are intended to provide the best services to their customers with their pleasant service network.

The following aspects are to be reviewed while considering the IFB washing machines:

1. Pricing:

The first and the foremost thing that the customers consider while buying the washing machine is the price. The IFB washing machines come in budget friendly as compared to other brands. If you take any load category, they are neither cheap nor expensive.

The price of the IFB washing machine starts from RS 15,000/- in India.

2. Durability:

IFB washing machines are durable with their stainless steel bodies. They are rust-free. Control panels give them an eye catching look. Control panels of IFB are resistant against shocks and scratches. With good maintenance, you can preserve the new look of IFB machines for years.

3. After Sales Service:

IFB has introduced the special Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC to offer you the best service from the IFB trained professionals. AMC promises you the unique benefits that set you free.

Once you subscribe to the AMC, the high value components of the IFB including motor, drum, tub, PCB, and other electronic components will be covered. No service charges will be levied during the term of AMC.

4. Features and Performance:

IFB is the leading and technically advanced brand that equips its machines with high-end features. Many unique features like aqua spa therapy, triadic pulsator, 4D washing make the IFB washing machine occupy the front position among the best washing machines in India.

Technologies Used by the IFB Washing Machine

Here are a few advanced technologies that IFB uses to perform the wash cycles with care and effectiveness.

1. Aqua Energie:

Aqua EnergieSrc

All the models of the IFB are equipped with the Aqua Energie that helps them in breaking down the bicarbonates the component that is found in the hard water. These bicarbonates stick to the clothes hindering the foaming capacity of the detergent. This Aqua Energie breaks these bicarbonates into small microscopic crystals.

These crystals flow along the water preventing the bicarbonates from sticking to the clothes. Aqua Energie further facilitates the uniform washing of the clothes with improved detergent actions. It is also effective in eliminating the scaling caused by the different components of the machine such as drums, heater, etc.

Increased detergent action reduces the consumption of the detergent and makes your clothes free from the traces of the detergent.

2. Smart Loader:

Smart Loaders are the new class of the washing machines that IFB believes to be India’s first smart washing machines. It takes care of the clothes with special needs which are not possible with the conventional washing machines.

Smart leaders are also equipped with technologies that save electricity. The best part is that they come with 4 years of warranty.

3. Tub clean:

Tub clean is the maintenance feature that helps to keep your machine clean. It eliminates impurities, scaling, bacteria, and unpleasant smell from the washing machine.

The washing machine should be emptied before running the tub clean program. Adding a small amount of the detergent improves the effectiveness of the cleaning.

4. Time delay:

With this feature, you can start the washing machine at a specific time as per your needs. Time delay function can be customized any time between 30 minutes to 24 hours.

5. 3D wash system:

Jets of water and shower from the paddles ensure the complete soaking of the clothes. Water mixed with the detergent is sprayed onto the clothes using a special mechanism for the better wash of the clothes.

6. Foam Control:

Excessive foam is caused by the user more detergent and because of not using the front-loading detergent. Most of us think that more the form, more the cleaning. But the fact is that the pumping quality of the washing machine reduces with the bubbles as the impeller cannot send out the bubbles.

The IFB washing machines are equipped with the sensors, when the sensor detects more foam, it sends in the water to dilute the foam and pump out the diluted foam. The normal wash cycle will be resumed after this.

7. Cradle Wash:

IFB has articulated special washing feature to deal with the delicate clothes. This feature almost mimics the care with which we hand wash our delicate clothes.

This feature uses the same methodology that we use to get rid of the stains with our hands. This feature is reserved for the clothes with stains and fabrics of silk, and with laces, etc.

Cradle wash allows the drum to move at just 35 rpm in a gentle swaying motion. It cleans the clothes effectively at its slow rpm spin cycle, i.e, 400 rpm.

Cradle wash prevents the washer and detergent from getting too harsh with the delicate clothes. Almost all of the IFB washing machines have this feature integrated in the wash cycle.

8. Steam Wash:

In the high-end washing machines of IFB, water and steam forms the dynamic duo and keep the clothes gentle, soft, and wrinkle free.

A small portion of the water is used to generate the steam which is then expended over the large volume. The steam wash offers a refreshing touch to the clothes. The penetrative steam helps the detergent to breakdown even the quite tougher stains.

9. 360 degrees wash:

This wash technology uses the most interesting framework of rotating the water inside the drum in 360 degrees. IFB uses the best engineering techniques that use the water in the wash drum to sprinkle directly over the clothes under the wash through the nozzle.

This type of wash ensures uniform soaking of the clothes with the detergent penetrating into the garments for the effective wash.

10. Triadic pulsator:

IFB is the market leader in the front loader washing machine industry. Triadic pulsator technology used in the high-end washing machine caters all the washing needs of the customers in the deep cleaning of the clothes.

It makes use of the soft scrubbing pads to remove the stains. Then the most powerful and effective swirl 3D jet of water is activated to flush out the dirt from every corner of the garment.

Centre punch provides a mechanical action to squeeze out the dirt. This feature allows you to save energy and water. The uniqueness of this feature is that it is tough on the dirt and gentle on your clothes.

11. Auto Balance System:

If the load in the washing machine is unevenly distributed the washing machine will redistribute to balance the load that is inside the drum. The washing machine will start and stop the operation during the wash cycle as it is balancing the load.

12. Fluff Filter:

A lint filter is a small pore mesh filter that is used to catch the lint and any other hard dirt that is released from the clothes while washing. These filters are designed to catch the lint, pieces of the paper that were accidentally caught in the clothes.

Lint not only affects the washing performance but it also creates odors. To resolve the lint issues IFB manufacturers use lint filter inside the machine wall.

13. O2 Wash:

O2 wash is the smart innovation by the IFB. This wash creates millions of bubbles in the drum which activates detergent enzymes to remove the tough stains and the dirt from the clothes. These bubbles can penetrate deep into the clothes giving you the perfect washing experience.

14. Auto Restart:

Power outages are common especially in India and it may be annoying if it happens during the wash cycle.

No, you can select the wash cycles without worrying about the power cuts and voltage fluctuations. Without an auto-start, all your set programs will be erased with the power interruption and you need to restart the wash cycle once the power is stable.

With this feature, you need not to worry about losing the customized program. The memory utility saves all the custom settings to start the washing process from where it was paused.

15. Ball Valve Technology:

One of the most common complaints raised by the washing machine users is most of the detergent is drained at the start of the washing cycle. IFB washing machines use the floating ball along the drainage line that blocks draining of the washing powder.

This feature ensures no wastage of the powder and 100% of the powder is used for the washing purpose only.

16. Hygiene Plus:

People with sensitive skin will definitely appreciate this amazing feature of the IFB washing machine. When the machine is in this mode, the in-built rinse function ensures the removal of all the detergent molecules and the residues from the clothes and makes them safe to wear after wash.

17. Smart weight sensor:

Smart weight technology is the appreciable feature in the top load washing machines of IFB that are available in India. This technology ensures that water and detergent are used appropriately. A smart sensor weighs the load of the laundry. Based on the amount of the load, the machine supplies the detergent.

This technology allows the machine to take in the water as per the quantity and the type of cloth. Along with optimizing the water and detergent usage, it also maximizes several wash parameters such as spinning time and the number of rinse cycles.

It gives you an alert when the machine is overloaded to protect several parts of the machine from the damage.

18. Laundry Adds:

Laundry add comes with the front load IFB washing machines. This feature allows you to add the clothes even between the wash cycles if you forget to add them in the beginning and you can resume the operation from where it was paused for loading the additional clothes.

19. Cool Down Cycle:

Hot water that is drained after the spin cycle will be harmful for the people and the environment. With this feature, additional cold water will be taken to automatically cool down the water before draining.

20. Voltage Fluctuation Protection:

Voltage fluctuations are common and everyday problems in most parts of India. It can damage any electronic appliances including washing machines.

The latest models of the IFB washing machines come with voltage fluctuation protection. The microcontroller inside the circuit monitors the voltage levels all the time. Whenever the voltage levels go beyond the operating voltage level, the washing machine pauses the operation and resumes once the voltage is stable keeping your machine safe from the breakdowns.

21. Child Lock:

Child lock is an essential and safe feature that IFB washing machines have. If your child is playing in front of the washing machine then there is a possibility that they may take control over the control panel to change the settings. With this feature, you can ensure that your child doesn’t mess up the washing machine wash cycle settings.

Is IFB Washing Machine Worth Buying?

IFB washing machines have knocked the washing machine industry in India with ever-growing scope for the environment. Let’s see what’s great and what’s not with the IFB washing machines.

The admirable entity of the IFB washing machine is its quick wash time when compared to other top washing brands in India such as LG, Samsung. Rapid wash functionality available in the high end washing machines is quick in completing the wash cycles with effectiveness.

It is loaded adjustable meaning that loads of the motor can be changes as per your requirement.

The built quality of the IFB is not as good as that of LG or Whirlpool. It also lags in the innovative features offered by other washing machine brands such as Flexwash by Samsung and TwinWash by LG.


IFB has a long successful track record since it started making the washing machine industry and renowned as the best front load washing machine manufacturer in India. It won the hearts of the Indian consumers with its super smart technologies and features.

Today, it has established it’s self as the best-selling brand leaving the many Indian brands like Videocon, Godrej on the back.


Is the Stabilizer Required for the Washing Machine?

No, these days except the air conditioner no other electronic device required stabilizer as these devices are designed to work under a wide range of voltages and are properly protected against the voltage fluctuations.

Is Filter Required for IFB Washing Machine?

Usually, filters are required in washing machines to soften the hard water. IFB washing machines use AquaEnergie to break down the hard water so it is not necessary to use the filters in the IFB washing machine.

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